Living Single While Very Married….these photos say it all…part 1

So when I wrote my last post  Who are these people? I was trying to find photos to include from the very first time we met. Finally found them and they are  obviously pre-digital era.  I was amused to find that  our baby photos and the ones from the first night we met are pretty much the same. Paul has always hated getting his photo obvious.


As for me, I was obviously not so shy.  Although nowadays I tend to look for good lighting and a little out of focus is fine !


And fast forward to the night we met…Paul still not so crazy about having his photo taken. Of course it didn’t help that one of my college friends caught him off guard.


And me…quite the opposite and not much different from my baby photo!


Ironically (even those these photos don’t show it) Paul is way more photogenic than I am. Proof that opposites attract!

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