A Little Dessert, Laughter and Special Memories

There is nothing better in my book than a family gathering that includes everyone around the table enjoying  a good meal.  All the chaos, the laughter, the smiles, the crying ( from toddlers and sometimes the cook :)and the multiple generations sharing  stories and memories.

I was fortunate to grow up with one set of grandparents close enough to join us for family dinners on holidays.

We always fought over who got to sit next to my grandfather aka Papa.  He was funny, engaging and probably the favorite among the grandkids.

I hate to admit it but I was a bit of brat and if I remember correctly I often got that cherished seat.

What we ate or what holiday we were celebrating has long been lost to a closed tab in my memory vault but I always remember my favorite part of any family dinner and it continues until today.

The dishes are cleared, my mother has bemoaned the fact that her favorite tablecloth that requires extensive ironing has once again been christened with gravy and other spills but most important of all we have all saved our forks for the desserts that suddenly appear.

Despite being stuffed we always had room for dessert and the adults enjoyed a cup of joe with theirs. No one was rushing off to watch the game and electronics were non existent so we all lingered awhile.  Well the kids lingered long enough to fill up on dessert and then the adults started talking which was our cue to leave  for what we considered a boring conversation.

Fast forward and it is my turn to host family dinners.  The dinners have gone from a very lively event with at least two grandchildren in diapers to one of teenagers, young adults and getting schooled on the latest lingo, trends and funny tik toks or memes.

Despite the draw of the big game or elctronics we still linger at the dinner table.  We laugh, we pick at the deserts as if squaring off the cake or the pie doesn’t count as calories.  We recall funny memories of catching one daughter sneaking back into the house at 3 am and our son for running into his sister’s car ..wait for it..in the driveway.  Of course I do not escape the millionth retelling of how I crushed the brand new garage doors or how I had terrible taste in picking out tennis shoes for Julie ( seriously they were fine..she was the problem.)

Since I am the family photographer I try to catch the more casual moments as pictured below.

The laughter and the stories!


Dessert is coming!

I really don’t have any photographs from my childhood days around the dinner table but one Christmas my brother got a small reel to reel tape recorder as his big present.  I remember my parents telling him to take care of it because it was expensive.  I believe they said it cost $30.  We thought it was special because it was just like the one they used in the T.V. show  ” Mission Impossible” and would self destruct in 30 seconds after they received their mission.

We were disappointed to discover that his tape recorder did not self destruct. 🙂

My brother decided to play spy and hid the recorder in one of my mother’s planters and recorded dinner and the ensuing after dinner conversations.  When my Dad discovered the espionage he was a little mad but never erased those recordings and I recently had them digitized.  In them I hear Christmas music in the background, my grandparents, my parents, our kid voices, clattering of dishes and conversations.

Within a 2 minute period I hear “can I have the mashed potatoes”  and “can you find me a diaper”.  It is the voices though that get me, the cherished time together.

Forever treasured memories.

As we continue to settle into our new home (an ongoing process) I found the perfect item to hang on the wall by our table.

I couldn’t have said it better.

As always keep triing and gathering around the table!


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I was recently published in the book ” So God Made a Mother”  and more recently I have a quote in the beautiful companion journal ( you can order it here) and I am working on a yet to be named novel.  My six grandchildren keep me young and my very organized hubby Paul tolerates my very unorganized yiddle ( middle and youngest) self.  Opposites do attract 🙂


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