A little wine with Wednesdays Whine!

I make it a rule not to post on Facebook or blog when I am especially crabby.  Not that I think all posts or status updates should be cheery.  I maintain this boundary to mainly protect myself from getting in a heap of trouble which I do often enough when I open my mouth before I engage my brain!

Originally I was going to just name this weekly post Wednesday Whine but then I happened on some really amusing wines and thought I would share them with you each week.

After all if I am going to whine I might as well amuse myself with some wine  or at least share the humor with you all.

Let’s start with a little wine.

Cheap red wineIf  this really reflected the real me it would read “Cheap White Zinfandel”  .  My best friend actually thinks I should call it “swill” since that is what she claims I drink.  Hey I never claimed to have discriminating taste in wine.  Besides the joke is on her  because  when I break out the “swill” she breaks out the good stuff which I am more than happy to drink!

On with the whine:

Incredibly bad customer service.  I could write a book on this but here are a few:

  • Love my dog groomer since my dog sheds enough for 4 dogs and the de-shedding helps keep it at bay BUT the last time I tried to make an appointment I couldn’t because they were celebrating their first year anniversary.  Did you forget to invite your customers that kept you in business?  I am always up for a party not to mention I have sent you a ton of customers.
  • Websites that make it difficult to make a purchase.  Want my business then make it easier.
  • Those dang press 1 for repair, press 2 for more frustration.  The first time is bad enough but if you have to call back several times and go through it again and again…well there is just not enough wine to justify this.
  • Teeny Tiny hotel trash cans.  Seriously?  All hotels do this.  It is a secret way to hate on the guests and the housekeeping staff all at the same time and do it without being obvious..kinda clever but REALLY annoying.

And of course I cannot do a Wed Whine without at least one whine about facebook posts:

  • Mystery posts.  These posts are either very clever or just annoying or both.  At first they intrigue me but if a person does more than two then I know she either trying to get attention or just having fun annoying the crap out of everyone.

The most recent ones go like this…  “Am I smart enough to…?”   That’s it..no other info  Or..Can I take the first step…?

Perhaps the joke again is on me and I should quit wasting my time on Facebook OR here is an idea  unfriend her.

Just one more.

The facebook posts that  threaten to delete you as a friend.

Shaking in my boots.

Time for more wine.  In honor of Fathers Day ..the following was right next to  “Cheap Red Wine”Dad's Day off

and right next to it was….Cheap BastardSomeone at the liquor store at the beach has a sense of humor.  In full disclosure and because he reads my posts ( because I make him) my hubby rarely takes a day off, is not a cheap bastard and buys my cheap wine AND puts up with me and my whining/wining.

I’m up for hearing your “whines” and any great wine labels you run across.  I have a few more but I am bound to run out.

Here’s to the Wed Whine..Cheers!

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