About Jennifer

Welcome to See Jenn Tri!

I am Jennifer,  Mom of 3, and  Grandma of 6!

Five of those amazing grand kids came in 5 years which just goes to show how seriously our daughters took my little “we are a fertile family talk!!!  Also as I update this 4 out of the 6 are teenagers and 3 are taller than me!  How dare they 🙂

Fun at the holidays!!

Most of my life I spent being an “athletic supporter”  : ) Translation: cheerleader, driver, snack and water provider for my children and husband.

At age 47 I became active out of desire to get healthy, get moving and also because as you will find out I truly believe

“It is never too late”

Much like the “Velveteen Rabbit” (great book) I am a bit worn around the edges because thankfully I am well-loved

This also means I will tell it like it is and be as “real” as I possibly can be about the successes and challenge of being an over 50 sprint triathlete.   Speaking of honesty I will tell you right now I am not the best at this sport though not the worst either.

I give it a lot of heart and have fun along the way.

I am all about the fun, the challenge, the camaraderie and cheering for my fellow triathletes.

Other loves include…

adventures (all kinds)




laughing with my family and friends

prayer and gratitude for each and every day

This quote that I adapted sums me up quite nicely:

“Life should not be a journey with the intention of arriving at the end, dressed nicely and every hair in place but rather to skid in sideways, race number flapping in the breeze, a big grin on your face, water bottle in one hand, chocolate in the other, endorphins pumping, tired yet victorious screaming “woohoo, did you see me tri”?

me and paul

And finally…I would like to thank my first (and only) love, my husband Paul…who supports all my crazy ideas, and helped me find the “courage to start” this “tri” adventure.