Answers to the questions you never asked

When Social Media was rather new there was a series of questions going around called something like “25 Things About Me” and you were suppose to create a list of 25 things that people might like to know about you.

I never participated.

Even then it seemed like a little much and  I wasn’t sure  I could come up with 25 things that people would actually read without boring them to death.

Not sure if keyboard bullies were a thing back then but  I was also hesitant for the unknown feedback I might get from people who barely knew me.

So fast forward many years later and I have become addicted to listening to podcasts in my car.  Some are funny like the two women Jen and Kristen from “I Mom So Hard” find it here but most are either by writers or writers being interviewed and it has been refreshing to hear how their road to publication was not lined with roses.  They are so kind to be honest that the road has been full of detours and pot hole.  I did discover one thing that I have in common with most writers  ( more about that later)* that I was like “phew” these are my people.

One of my favorite podcasts is “Behind the Book” with Tess Thompson and Karen McQuestion find it here

At the end of each podcast they ask these random questions of the writers that actually have nothing to do with writing and I am loving the questions and the answers.

There are only ten  questions so much easier than 25 from years ago and I thought it might be fun for me to answer them.  Also if you would like to tell me your answers, that would be fun as well.

The first question is one I get asked all the time so thought I would include it as well.

What is your blog about?   Great question, glad you asked. I wish I had a succinct , very clear answer.  I do not.  My tagline says ” Words, Wisdom and Whimsy from an over 50 Triathlete”  When I started my blog the person who helped me set it up gave me some wise words ” Your blog, Your Rules”  or was it “Your Blog Your  Way”  In any case I have never forgotten that so I write about what is on my mind.  I wrote about my mothers dementia and caring for her.  I’ve written about chance encounters with people who inspire me or about the time I found seven…yes seven toilet plungers while cleaning out the garage.  read here  So honestly its a random series of posts that talk about life, the wonderful people I meet and how they inspire and teach me and perhaps give you a laugh or a good cry or both. Writing, running, a triathlon ( the short ones) and fun stuff.  In any case I avoid politics and all those things that rile up the keyboard bullies so this can be a safe place to just enjoy a few words about life.

My hope is you either laugh or cry ( or both) after reading or you see yourself in some of life’s everyday happenings.  In any case I hope it adds to your day.

Now on to some more fun questions 🙂

What is the one food that will never pass your lips?  Actually I have two.  I am not a picky eater but liver and cottage cheese will not be close to my mouth in any way. Liver is just nasty and cottage cheese..well thats a texture problem for me.

If you could have a super power what would it be?  Time travel.  I would love to be a time traveler but one that had ninja powers so I could be invisible.  I would love to see my parents as young adults in love.  See my mother working as a nurse with pediatric polio patients.  Or my grandparents.  I don’t want the power to change anything but it would be fun to see life as they knew it as young people.

Who would you want to play you in a movie?  Sandra Bullock  I would like to make people laugh like she does.

What is my biggest  guilty pleasure?   This is a hard one because I have several although not sure some of them are guilty pleasures.  I love watching old musicals or binge watching shows but I also could sit outside on a nice day doing nothing.  I love being outside. Our old house and our new house ( still being built) has a ton of windows.

What is the worst job you have ever had?  Answering phones for The American Automobile boring.

If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be?  American Sign Language  There is such beauty about it.  It is like dancing with your hands.  I love languages and this is just one more.  If I had a second choice it would be singing ( I’m a terrible singer)

What’s your favorite smell?  Plumeria blossoms  We lived in Hawaii and those blossoms are to die for.

What’s the most terrifying thing you have ever done?  Swinging on a trapeze and attempting to be caught..didn’t happen ( the catching part)  and I signed up to do it but man my heart was racing.  Also going to nursing school with 3 young kids ( under 6) and a hubby who traveled..alot.

I look good but initially terrified

*What is one thing you are really bad at?  And this is what I have in common with most writers..MATH..I am so bad at bad.   I solved it by marrying someone who is excellent at it! 🙂

If you could live your life over again would you want to?   Yes with the wisdom I have now.  I really wouldn’t change anything especially my hubby, kids or grandkids but I would want the wisdom to truly not sweat the small stuff and not know I was living my life over again.

So that is it.  Fun questions…hope you enjoyed them.  As always..keep triing’s what keeps us going,








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