Are you ready to See Jenn Tri “Living Single While Very Married”?

I have been wanting to share this story for awhile now.   I wasn’t sure what to call it.  I started calling it a “Marriage Sabbatical” but it was missing something so while I still use that phrase it seems these five words seem to capture the essence of our story:

“Living Single While Very Married”

So how do two fifty somethings maintain a marriage, a relationship and more importantly a sense of humor while living 8 states and over a thousand miles away from each other?


That’s it.  Not surprisingly well or surprisingly bad or ooshy gooshy in love with each other ( well we are but I am not into making you all gag) but it was loaded with surprises and another learning curve.

Nobody told me that a learning curve can be a wild ride.  Thankfully this wild ride has been mostly exhilarating and funny with a few scary, I want to throw up moments in there for variety.

So come on in, set a spell, enjoy the ride and laugh with us.  It will be anything but dull.  Stay tuned!!


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  1. I am definitely intrigued! Thanks for sharing…I will be following the rest of the story. – Fawn

  2. Love the visual, Jenn. Whenever it was you two sure look like you’re having a blast!