Back in the saddle again

Its been awhile since I wrote a new blog post. Have I ever mentioned that I have turned procrastination into an art form?

Actually procrastination is not the right word. There is no right word for this but a phrase “putting what I love to do last on the list”

Turns out I have plenty of company in this unofficial club which consists mostly of women. We have good intentions but our daily to do lists are impossibly long and if the things we truly love to do make the list at all its at the bottom.

Since it is now July, all tried and true procrastinators are now finding time to make their 2010 New Years resolutions and mine is to put what I love to do at the top of the list. So the good news is you’ll be seeing more blog posts. That could also be the bad news but hey there is always the delete button!

Feel free to join me on this adventure of making New Years resolutions in July.  Its fun to break the rules!  Put what you love at the top of the list.  Make an appointment with yourself and KEEP them. Think of yourself as your friend waiting for you to keep the lunch date, movie date or whatever and make it a priority.

In addition to my New Years in July resolution I am embracing a word for each season to keep me aware of the many pleasures the different seasons bring.

My word for the summer is “savor”  Savor the summer and all its delicious offerings.

  • Take in the sun
  • Eat juicy fresh fruit and vine ripened tomatoes
  • Buy outrageous fun flip flops
  • Catch fireflies
  • Picnic…at a park or in your own backyard
  • Teach someone to swim
  • Do nothing
  • Watch the sunrise and the sunset
  • Put yourself at the top of the list and SAVOR your own loves!!!!

And in the words of those famous infomercials “but wait there’s more” There is always something more to savor, take a look around and drink it in, long cool sips of what you love about yourself and this season.

I’ve had quite a few adventures this summer ( some on purpose, some not) so stay tuned!

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