Tasty Tuesday..an apple and a carrot a day….


Many of you probably thought I got lost in a snow drift here in Virginia.  It was a possibility considering we got almost 5 years worth of snow in Jan and Feb.  Guess that means we won’t get any for the next 4 years.  Not likely..makes me long the days we lived in Hawaii.

Nevertheless I am back.  And every Tuesday will feature a recipe that not only I have tried but so has my family and more importantly lived to tell about it.

When it comes to new recipes, especially those that involve the words healthy my family would like it if I hired a food taster or at least find that kid, Mikey, from the old Life Cereal commercials..

“Let Mikey try it, he hates everything”

MMM..that kid is probably in his thirties by now.  Wonder if he is for hire.

Since a big part of staying in shape and being healthy involves food it came to me that I should share some of these recipes.

Perhaps you should know that I DID  NOT inherit the family cooking gene.

That gene went disproportinately to my two sisters and sister in law .  Okay she is only related by marriage but she somehow got the gene as well.  arghhhh

This is actually good news for all of you.  The recipes I will be sharing are simple, yummy and good for you.  If your family shudders at the words “good for you” or equates that phrase with castor oil or brussel sprouts just leave it out and DO NOT share the ingredients until they already love it.

Also one other word of comfort from those familiar with my original cooking.  These are recipes from real cooks..all credit is given to the cook….

I hear a huge sigh of relief from those who have experienced my original recipes first hand .

This recipe comes from a great book  ” Eat for Health” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.    It doesn’t last long in my house and my husband has NEVER noticed that I didn’t use mayonaise.

Okay now he knows!

Who can not like something called Sunshine Slaw ??  Try it , you’ll like it!

Sunshine Slaw ( from Eat for Health by SDr. Joel Fuhrman)

4 carrots grated

1 1/2 apples, peeled and chopped ( I use 2 or eat the other half 🙂

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1/3 cup slivered or sliced almonds

1/3 cup low salt mayo or Vegenaise ( found in organic aisle) its great!

Directions:  Toss carrots and apples with lemon juice, Add raisins and almonds, Mix in low salt mayo or Veganaise.


I tried to include a photo but come to find out grated carrots and apple pieces , raisins and almonds are camera shy.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for “Whatever Wednesday”


Great book, questionable gift giving technique!

My husband is very supportive of all my crazy ideas and adventures.  One bonus of signing up to do the triathlon is he had all kinds of new ideas for gifts for me.  He gets stressed over the holidays which sort of puzzles me since here is the list of people he buys for:

1. Me!!

He claims that the reason he stresses is because once he comes up with a good gift idea  he immediately has to come up with another because my birthday is in early Jan.

( Jan 4th to be exact if any or all of you want to send me a Happy Birthday greeting!)

On Dec. 26th the conversation goes something like this.  “Oh no, your birthday is in 9 days…now what am I going to do, I am out of ideas”   Geez excuse me for being born in Jan.  By the way I have a special place in my heart for those born in Dec. and Jan..more on that in another xanax post.

In our family when you hit big with a gift we call it good gift giving technique…in other words you have put some thought and time into it.

I’m sure Paul thought he had used GGT on the following gift related to our upcoming triathlon.


Pay attention to the title.  SLOW FAT TRIATHLETE!

Gee thanks sweetie, my heart is warm all over…NOT!

Fortunately knowing my husband we all got a good laugh.   The added bonus is this is really GOOD book..its written with humor and really helped me get ready for my first triathlon.  Jayne Williams is the real deal and tells it like is.  She doesn’t gloss over any mistakes she has made , she shares them and moves on.

So while it was questionable GGT, I still use the book, still smile about it and think it ended up being a great gift.

More gift ideas for your triathlete in my next post!!  Cheers, Jenn