Discovering fun on Thoughtful Thursday!

I know I know!¬† Whenever I promote snail mail I just know there are people out there ( mostly younger than myself) who are just rolling their eyes at the thought of sitting down, writing a note, finding an address and a stamp and actually mailing it. Just send a text or an much […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday “Dear Miss Kline”

Happy Thursday or whatever day you happen to be reading this ūüôā I was recently reminded by a dear friend how important and how much joy the concept of Thoughtful Thursday brings to alot of people. I had let it go for a bit due to well… life in general, moving etc but it is […]

The Blessings Of Grief

I’m guessing that not many people would put the words blessings and grief together but I could see no other way. Also I promised myself I would not write one more sad post about grief and losing people that I love but……hang in here with me, I promise this is more about joy than it […]

Before I was even a thought in their heart

Before I was even a thought in their heart my parents were young and in love. They dated, but were mostly friends in the beginning and then pen pals as my Dad spent several years in the South Pacific as a young officer in the Navy. I guess they were more than pen pals I […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! The Easy Way to Bring Joy to Yourself and Others

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter or note?¬† Bet it has been awhile. I love receiving unexpected notes or letters .¬† Even if I know everything that is going on in that persons life¬† it is always good to see familiar handwriting in my mailbox. You can bet it is the […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday…thankful for the mess

In the last four years you have read about my monumental task of cleaning out my parents house after my Dad died unexpectedly.¬† At the same time we also had to move my mother into Assisted Living.¬† Honestly much of that time is a blur in my memory. I am still dealing with some of […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! This gift is always “enough” !

It’s September 1st and while others are mourning the loss of summer I am relishing that things will get back to a regular rhythm. The kids are back in school ¬†(or in my case the grandkids), there will be some really gorgeous fall days and crisp mornings and I, for one, am ready for the […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Look up for some awesomeness!!

I have done a lot of traveling in my lifetime. ¬†Often not very exciting places but between being a military wife and business I have been in lots of different locations¬†¬†and in quite a few airports. Lots of changes have happened especially over the last few years. ¬†Gone are the banks of payphones and in […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Feeling a little stressed over the holidays..then it is time to…

“Disclaimer” ¬†Since I am dedicated to NOT make myself crazy I am being a good environmentalist and recycling a post that I wrote at this same time last year. ¬†I had to laugh when I reread it because my tree is up, lights on and once again it is surrounded by boxes of decorations….some things […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday: Remember these two words…

Do you remember when the letters of the alphabet finally made sense? ¬†When you finally realized that if you put those letters in a certain order they actually made words. ¬†Words that you could read? It’s a powerful moment. That moment came to me in first grade and the word was “Jump” ! ¬†I often […]