It’s Thoughtful Thursday “Dear Miss Kline”

Happy Thursday or whatever day you happen to be reading this ūüôā I was recently reminded by a dear friend how important and how much joy the concept of Thoughtful Thursday brings to alot of people. I had let it go for a bit due to well… life in general, moving etc but it is […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Kindness Always Counts

I went running the other day.¬† My running has changed so much over the years and I love how I now have no expectations of speed, time or distance.¬† I am happy to be out there and enjoy nature.¬† I stop when I need to or take a walk break.¬† Aside from the cardio work-out […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! The Easy Way to Bring Joy to Yourself and Others

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter or note?¬† Bet it has been awhile. I love receiving unexpected notes or letters .¬† Even if I know everything that is going on in that persons life¬† it is always good to see familiar handwriting in my mailbox. You can bet it is the […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday…thankful for the mess

In the last four years you have read about my monumental task of cleaning out my parents house after my Dad died unexpectedly.¬† At the same time we also had to move my mother into Assisted Living.¬† Honestly much of that time is a blur in my memory. I am still dealing with some of […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday : I will always be up for you..even if it’s 3am

I have been kind of absent here.¬† I had good intentions to get posts written but real life got in the way and then there is my dedication to procrastination.¬† I have written dozens of posts in my head but somehow they never made it onto paper or on the computer. In a nutshell our […]

Letting go and finding kindness…It’s Thoughtful Thursday!

It’s been awhile since I have had the time to post on Thoughtful Thursdays.¬† Feels good to be back and I am grateful that I have lots to share. Ironically¬† I have been graced with many “thoughtful” moments from good friends, family and chance meetings with strangers who will never know how they touched my […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! What I learned from Betty’s weekly hair appointment!

One of my earliest memories is my Dad making dinner for us on Friday nights. ¬†He only cooked on Fridays because that was when Mom was at the hairdresser for her weekly appointment. ¬†I probably remember those dinners so well because Dad only cooked two things: Scrambled eggs or Tuna glop. I believe the ” […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday….We’ve all said this but please stop!

I was watching a heartbreaking video by a Mom about her severely non verbal ¬†autistic son. ¬†It was sincere, honest and brought me to tears. ¬†She was confessing that she had to let go of the dreams she originally had for her son. ¬†We all have those dreams for our children. ¬†Dreams of success, adventures […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Forever and Always My Baby You’ll Be!

All those parenting books never tell you the one truth that you have to figure out on your own. ¬†Parenting never ends. ¬†No matter how old your children get, or how many amazing grandchildren they give you, you never stop being their parent. Nope! And it is all okay. ¬†We signed up for this gig […]

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! This gift is always “enough” !

It’s September 1st and while others are mourning the loss of summer I am relishing that things will get back to a regular rhythm. The kids are back in school ¬†(or in my case the grandkids), there will be some really gorgeous fall days and crisp mornings and I, for one, am ready for the […]