Cough and Stand Up Straight….

I was going to title this “Cough but Don’t Bend Over” but I thought too many people might take it the wrong way.  So I titled it the opposite, however it means the same thing.

I speak from recent experience.  Clean thinking here please.  Trying to keep this blog on the PG side of things.

I acquired a rather nasty cough that would not go away.   Actually I had gone running about 3 weeks ago in some rather cold weather and came home feeling like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes.

The hacking turned into a cough and finally I went to the doctor.  I obviously had something brewing before the run as the antibiotics cleared up the cough.

The medicine did not clear up my sore muscles from coughing .

You would think I would learn from experience as this has happened to me before.   Evidently I am a REALLY slow learner.

If you see someone cough or sneeze in slow motion you would see what stress it puts on the body.

I don’t need to see it, I can feel it.

All the muscles on the left and right side of my chest are pulled.  As the day wears on it feels like I am wearing a corset that someone is gradually tightening.

Those women who wore those things were more than a little nuts.

Since cold and flu season is creeping around the corner waiting to pounce I suggest you refrain from bending over or using any other poor body mechanics to cough.  Grab a pillow to brace yourself, sit down, get some medicine, and be gentle with yourself.

Otherwise you will end up  b&*^%y cranky like me, unable to run and impossible to live with..or so I am told.

Not only are  nurses really bad patients but we are impossibly impatient with the healing process.

Enough already!!!

Monday I am planning to run for the first time in weeks.  Not far and I will probably be a wuss and do it inside on the treadmill.

Okay let me rephrase that lest all the treadmill users think I am criticizing them.

I am going to play it safe and use the treadmill.

I really do prefer to run outside but I will agree that perhaps inside is a better choice this time.

A little exercise will do my body and my mood some good.  My husband and dog will be so relieved.


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