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Active Life Fitness promotes community spirit

I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning wishing it was a little warmer and grateful that the training team I joined for the Ukrops Monument 10 k was meeting at 8:30 rather than 8am.

I have no idea why 30 minutes makes a difference but it does. Maybe because its a Sat. morning.

Nancy Burnett is the head coach this year and the owner and founder of  the new fitness center ( Active Life Fitness) under construction in New Kent County.

I arrived to find a large group of runners and walkers ready to start training for the 10k on March 27th.

What I witnessed was communtiy spirit at its best.

The fitness center is barely under construction however we were able to warm up and fill out forms in a building nearby that is almost completed, generously opened up for this occasion.

A day care center ( Stay and Play)was available for those with little ones  AND we were encouraged to use the bathrooms at the Village Market and Deli because they were  expecting  welcoming us and it was so nice to go there after the run for a warm cup of coffee.

The run was great but what I thought about during the run was how everyone worked together and how the training team was already part of the community.

While the building for Active Life Fitness is just beginning, the spirit and what it will add to the communtiy is already evident.

Hats off to Nancy Burnett, Stay and Play,and the Village  Market and Deli for really being  a village of support for one another.

I will readily jump out of bed next Sat.,not only for the run but also for the community spirit.

Its not too late to join in the fun if you are local.  Registration info available at



A great idea or a trip to the ER?

I have had one thing on my gift list for awhile and my husband kept ignoring it.

He was against it.

He told me he was never going to get it for me because in his best italian/ mafia imitation he said

“Ya gonna break a your face”

So when he handed me the small rectangular box for my birthday with the words “I am totally against this”  I was thrilled because I knew what was inside!

Bike pedals, specifically clipless bike pedals.

Those of you who already have them or have been telling me to get them are sighing and thinking “Well, its about time”

For those of you who don’t bike, clipless bike pedals fit into a special bike shoe and “locks” your foot onto the pedal.   You can easily unlock your foot or so I am told.

This is the part where I actually could “breaka my face” if I can’t get “unlocked”

And lets not forget it makes you look like a cool biker dude.

Also according to my sources, asthma reliable and otherwise it will “optimize” the energy I use because it will allow me to

“pedal in complete circles” /”spin”
be more energy efficient
have faster, longer, more enjoyable rides

Want to know a secret??

I ‘m a little afraid that I may “break my face” or some other part of my body that I would like to stay in one piece.

This is why I have waited and not bought them for myself.  A little excuse to camouflage to my apprehension.

I am not the most coordinated person in the world and I have NO rhythm, so this will be a challenge.

Its been a relief that January has been really busy and more importantly cold, snowy and wet so outside biking has been out.

Feb 1st is my date with the bike shop to get my bike outfitted with all my new stuff.

Hold me accountable, photos are promised.

In the meantime  I ‘m wondering if the county would consider padding all the curbs??  Stay tuned!IMG0072