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Oh Mr. Race Photographer I’m ready for my close-up

As I sat down to edit this post  I started to smile wondering if this really was a post about how to get a good race photograph or just an excuse to exhibit a rare but good race photo of myself.

A little of both.  As my friend and web designer Sherra said to me ( often) Your blog, Your rules!

Long before digital cameras I was ( am) a photo connoisseur ( sounds better than addict)

Yes I am the  obnoxious dedicated one at the family gatherings with the camera .

When I  started running a mere 5 years ago I was thrilled to find out about “race” photos and anxiously awaited to see my athletic image as I pounded the pavement to my first finish line.

Anticipation led to disappointment.  There was no photographer at this race.  No  images of my  achievement to put on the frig.


Next event was my first sprint tri in Minneapolis.  Yes we live in Virginia and yes we drove all that way for a sprint tri.

This tri  definitely had a photographer .   Guess what I learned?  Only the babes from Baywatch look good running in a swimsuit.

I also think that most race photographers have the uncanny ability to catch me  at the most unflattering and awkward moments.

Yet at this tri I was rewarded with this one photo.    At the end of the run I managed to catch up to my husband and grab his hand as we crossed the finish line.   It was our anniversary and he , once again, was supporting one of my crazy ideas!

At subsequent events the photos were my equivalent to those bad auditions on American Idol in that they were a continuing source of humor for the family..or at least for my husband.

Hey, what can I say.  At least I was out there moving my body.

BUT this summer at the one and only triathlon I could fit in to my crazy schedule  I accidentally   discovered the  secret to a good race photo.

I anticipated, and trained to have my best swim ever.  For many reasons it did not happen and once again I came out of the water at the end of pack, winded, a little discouraged  and frantically racing to find my bike.  Once on the bike  I relaxed, decided to do my best and enjoy.

Did I mention that I later found out the heat index that day was 105?  Not exactly conducive to  a great photo.

Yet as I rounded the trail on the run one of the volunteers clued me in that the photographer was  right around the corner.  So I put on my best race smile and ta da….


Approaching  the finish line I noticed  ( and it was no surprise) that  mmmm, I was one of the last ones in.  So I could be bummed or make the most of it…and give the photographer something to do so I hammed it up.

A little focus would be nice…

I saw him take more than one photo  so I thought well maybe the law of averages is in my favor this time and it was…


He found the focus button!!

I did discover the secret to a good race photo..  or at least this time…is  to be at the end of the pack.

Honestly, as in life, as in “triing” or “trying” you just never know for sure what is going to work.  Sometimes you just get lucky!

Being one of the last had its payoffs…and if your disappointed in my answer think of it this way..  when my grandchildren or great grandchildren are looking at this they will have no idea if I was first or last , only that I was out there having fun.

Go out, have fun, take some good photos, take some that will get you a good laugh and move your body because that’s whats its all about.   Oh and like me…ALWAYS be ready for your close up!!

Say Cheese,


Would you like fries with your latte?

I used to be a proud non-coffee drinker.  Couldn’t stand the stuff. I really wondered what the fuss was all about .

My husband disliked coffee as well so when coffee drinkers came to our house they were out of luck.

When I gave a party if a guest offered to bring something I would ask for coffee…

and filters….

and the coffee maker…

and most important of all…. a person to make the coffee.

And then it happened, gradually but it happened.  I  fell off the non coffee band wagon .

It would be easy to blame Starbucks.  I was feeling a bit left out.

It seemed like everyone was meeting at Starbucks, drinking coffee, connecting in person and via laptops.

It was the “cool” place to be.

It was cool to act like “Sally” from “Harry Met Sally” and order a venti, non fat, whip, light foam, double shot, hazelnut latte.

To order a tea seemed so , mmm, ordinary, uncool.

I spent ALL of my adolescence being  “uncool” with a VERY cool older sister so NO I was not going to be the “uncool” one again.

I discovered with enough milk, sugar, and flavoring,  a latte was palatable.

My favorite drink rolled off my tongue like I was born at Starbucks and had lattes in my baby bottle.

The caffeine grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

My husband was starting to think I might need a 12 step anti- coffee anti- caffeine program.

No worries.  After  an amusing incident this summer I am climbing back on the non-coffee wagon.

I discovered McDonalds is serving specialty coffee  as in “would you like fries with your latte?”

So in a “I have no other choice but to get my latte at McDonalds” moment  I  ordered a latte at the Golden Arches.  Twenty minutes and much confusion later I walked out with an iced coffee iced dishwater.

Ding, ding, ding…an “aha” moment for me.   A few nuggets from my noggin to…

McDonalds...stick to what you do best…clogging arteries and contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Starbucks….do NOT start serving burgers.  Do what you do best …draining peoples wallets and pushing caffeine.

As for me ( and possibly some of you) I am going to stick to what I like and do what I do best.

Oh and if you come to visit you may want to bring the coffee….and filters…and ….coffee maker.

I am going back to tea.

Shhh..don’t tell my sister..I hear it’s the next “cool” thing!