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Motherhood Deja Vu or why I needed a do-over for the day at 8am

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I have had a real life reminder of how EVERY Mom deserves breakfast in bed, a massage and a vacation.

Monday morning found me starting a week of being in charge of  three of my grand kids ages 6, 5 and 5 months.

Piece of cake or so I thought.

By 8am I wanted a do over.  Just so you know the day started at 6am  with Summer, age 6, reminding me what time the bus came so she wouldn’t miss it AGAIN under my watch.  Evidently I made quite the impression when she missed the bus because of me last September.

Oh the pressure!

Had the morning routine mapped out.  Everyone fed, dressed, baby diapered, lunches packed, diaper bag ready, backpacks ready and we head out the door.

Almost.  The baby, Tristun needed a diaper change at the last minute.  No problem.


It was at least a 6 wiper, all up his back and all over his outfit.

Back on track we head out the door.  I should mention that Summer is reciting the time to me every 30 seconds and reminding me that the bus is coming.

The plan was to drive to the bus stop even though it is spitting distance from the house.  This way I can head straight to the pre-school with Bella.

Problem #2.  Can’t get Tristun into the car seat.  The straps are way too tight.  WHAT??

I have a few choice words for car seat manufacturers that cannot be repeated.   After a few minutes of struggling with the car seat I realize I need to take Tristun AND the car seat back into house to fix the problem.

Summer is still reciting the time.  I sit her on the front step to watch for the bus.  I struggle with the car seat.

How hard can this be? I have a college education I should be able to this.

NOT!  Now I am sweating.   And then I hear it!  THE BUS, THE BUS.

Oh crap…she missed it.   Not quite.  The bus driver was kind enough to stop in front of the house and pick Summer up.

Phew.  Figured out the car seat, got to pre-school, got home and seriously thought ”  I KNOW its five o’clock somewhere”

As the song goes “My Mama said there will be days like this”

Tristun gave me a toothless grinTristun  7 weeks and I remembered one day many years ago when his Mom was three, wanted popsicles for breakfast, her brother was 10 days old, I locked myself out of the house, had to get a locksmith to open it up spending money we DIDN”T have and found the popsicle box on the counter and a huge puddle of former popsicles all over the kitchen floor.

And I survived.

The rest of the week has been much smoother.  Julie and Louie are here in the evening so I am not on 24/7.

Still I think it should be Mother’s Week and not day.

I consider it a successful day here if everyone is fed, happy and reasonably clean.  Its extra special if I get a shower.

Deja Vu for sure.

And to my daughters, Sarah and Julie.  Happy Mother’s Day!  You two are my heroes.

May Mother’s everywhere be honored and loved this Sunday!  ( and get a shower lol)


It’s “I may not be fast but at least I am Fashionable” Friday

We all have our addictions.  For many women its shoes.  I have a slight big addiction to cute and colorful workout wear.  I knew I had a problem when looking through my closet I actually had more work out wear than regular clothes.

Guys definitely would not get this.  I generally wear my work out gear once and then wash it .  My husband claims you don’t need to wash it after every work out because you are just going to get it sweaty again.

There is some logic in that but not much.

I like the friends I work out with too much to subject them to working out next to me in really ripe workout clothes.

Actually I like myself too much to put on smelly work out clothes.

I am also inclined to go for a run, bike ride or head to the gym if I like what I am wearing.

I ran a 10k in April with a really fun training group from Active Life Fitness.  One of my favorite team mates Jeannine, showed up in this bright pink floral running skirt with matching arm sleeves.  She looked awesome and it really added a festive spirit to our team.

Her comment to everyone that day was “Well, if I can’t be fast at least I am fashionable”

Thanks , Jeannine.  You inspired me to share migraine some of my favorite  work out wear and where you can get them.  I will do some bargain shopping as well since we all like to save money. for cute work out wear..this could be dangerous.  Nothing like feeding an addiction to support my blog.   It’s a sacrifice but I think I am up to it .

My sisters are probably scratching their heads over this new found interest in fashion since it has never been a passion of mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I  clean up real well but I do like to be comfortable.  Maybe that is why I became a nurse.  Nothing like a pair of comfy scrubs and tennis shoes to make your day more enjoyable.

Here are a few samples from Running Skirts Who wouldn’t want to run while wearing these cute outfits?us-clover_stk-white_paisley_1

I am a big believer in wearing cute colorful sports bras.  If its chilly I may start off with a shirt but more often than not it comes off.

Here are few more sports bras from running skirts that caught my eye.


Love the scrunchy look of this next one.


And last I am in love with this tangerine running skirt!

rs-cerise_mandarin_webI would like those abs as well..sigh.

Please share your favorite styles or patterns for workout wear!  Have a fashionable Friday!


Why Women Should Hire Secret Service Agents!

I have been resisting writing this post but I can’t keep quiet any longer.  I guess the Secret Service Scandal is now considered “old news” but I am still scratching my head over the stupidity of these “chuckle heads”

I am not naive enough to think that this is the first time this has happened.  This just happens to be the first time they got caught.

My guess is they thought they had a good thing going UNTIL a new guy joined their little soiree and thought it was bargain night for Colombian hookers.

I can’t help but wonder about the screening and hiring process the Secret Service uses where they end up hiring  a bunch of guys to protect the President and at least one of them thought it was extreme couponing night in the red light district in Columbia.

That is just plain wrong on so many levels.

How can you protect the President with any credibility when you can’t even figure out that if the woman is charging $800 you can’t get away with paying her $30.  You are in Latin America, you have tapped into the dark side of Columbia, and you are still looking for a bargain?


You are lucky you just lost your job and not part of your anatomy.  Ever hear of Lorena Bobbit?  If not, google her.  She was one angry Latina who took it upon herself to give her husband an extreme circumcision.

I know there are also women on the Presidential Secret Service detail just to be fair.  I am confident they have more sense than this particular gaggle of men protecting the president.

That being said I do believe the Secret Service would be wise to hire an all women panel of screeners for potential new hires.

These women should be at 45 yrs or older, survived at least one teen-age son and have a very reliable BS meter.

They certainly could do a better job than whatever process the Secret Service is using now.

I can’t help but chuckle over the potential questions that might come up in the interviews.  Using the popular style of questioning it might go something like this:

“Tell me about a time when you hired a hooker and tried to get away without paying her”

And while I don’t support the “world’s oldest profession” my guess is this woman more than earned that $800.

As for the Secret Service agents, Forrest Gump said it best “Stupid is as stupid does”