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Until Further Notice ..Celebrate Everything

So my current living situation is actually not cause for celebration.  We are having work done on the house and for the last week our master bathroom has been torn up and right now so is our kitchen.  It will be over soon but in the meantime we are all getting grumpy about it.

The gentleman doing the repairs/updates is one of the hardest workers I have ever met.  He is also a man of few words.  I got all the essentials out of the bathroom that we would need but when it came time to work on the kitchen he never said (and I never asked) what we would have access to sooo we got caught short on some dishes, cups and silverware..access to all cooking areas and sometimes blocked from the frig.  The up side for me at least is that just by chance I had everything I needed to make coffee this morning.  We don’t live anywhere near a place that has anything resembling a good cup of coffee so my son and hubby are thankful I got my morning dose of caffeine.

So for the above I am celebrating coffee and a guy who works quickly so we can get back to normal next week.

I am also celebrating having my son home.  He has been working overseas and has made a permanent move here to the states.  YES!   Those of you who live with more than one man, my sympathies go out to you.  One is neat, the other messy.  They love each other but still argue and then there is the fact that my grown son thinks his way of doing things is the best.  Arghhh…kinda reminds me of when I am cooking and  family members who said they didn’t care about what I cooked for dinner and then suddenly when its halfway done have suggestions of how to change the recipe.  That does not go over well and usually ends up with banishment from the kitchen.

So sometimes I celebrate and grit my teeth at the same time.

I ran a 10k this past Sunday.  Wait let me rephrase that.  I completed the 10k last Sunday…running most of it.  It was HOT and I did walk a bit of it but I did it!!  It’s the 10th time I have completed this 10k…go me.  Covid caused it to change and we had the option of running it at home or on a new course.  I chose the new course.  I picked up my packet on Thursday and when I got home I rummaged through the goody bag and discovered they had already given me the medal they usually hand out when you cross the finish line.  I momentarily thought about not running in a few seconds.  Nope had to get out there.  This race is usually a chilly one run in March so June was a change and for me a HOT mess but still I did it.

And lastly I entered a short story contest for the first time ever!  I came in 4th.  The good news about that is the top eight will be read and featured on the podcast that sponsored the contest. Celebrating!

All of this brings me to why we need to celebrate everything and everyone.  When I run a race invariably someone asks me how I did. Translation: What was your time?  Or how long was the race?   For the short story the question that was immediately asked “you were fourth out of how many?”  Seriously deflated my balloon.  Truth is I do not know and I am not going to ask because …. wait for it..


My time ( or your time) at a race is not important..nor is the length of the race. ( I actually had someone scoff at me running a 5k..ugh)  However many people were in the short story contest is of no consequence.

You want to know why?

It doesn’t matter because you and I …we got out and did it.  We tried!  If you are trying something new, challenging yourself then you better be celebrating!!  It is the trying, it is the activity.  It is doing it because you and I wanted to and nothing more.

So yes, until further notice, celebrate everything and if someone shares a win, celebrate it no matter what.

If you need someone to celebrate you, what you tried or just because, let me know because I will celebrate YOU..isn’t that what life is all about?

Now go out there and tri something new..and let me know about because I love to celebrate!!!




It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Kindness Always Counts

I went running the other day.  My running has changed so much over the years and I love how I now have no expectations of speed, time or distance.  I am happy to be out there and enjoy nature.  I stop when I need to or take a walk break.  Aside from the cardio work-out it does wonders for my spirit and mood, in other words I literally  run off the stress !

My route is pretty familiar.  Maybe too familiar.  I could change it up but until it gets boring I will keep it the same.  There is log just off the route that I sometimes stop and sit on to rest or think.  It is always in the shade so on the hotter days its a great place for a break.  I never thought anything about it until the other day.  I stopped for a break, caught my breath and after a minute or two started running again.  By the way this path just happens to run parallel to the main thoroughfare of my community.  This woman slowed her car down, leaned out her window and asked if I was all right.   I sort of chuckled because if I am having a good day running I feel like a gazelle but having seen many photos of me running I know I just look like a regular person running.  Did this woman think I was struggling??  Maybe I don’t look “normal”?  Actually she stopped because she saw me sitting on the log and was checking up on me.

How nice I thought. I  reassured her I was fine and kept on running.  Then I saw something that made me so appreciative.  I saw her turn her car around.  She had actually driven past me when I was sitting, turned around and came back to check up on me.  She does not know me and I couldn’t tell you who she was or even pick her out of a crowd.  Wow!  I was blown away by her kindness and effort to check on me. It buoyed me up for the whole day.  In this world where everyone is in a hurry she took the time to turn around and possibly help someone.  She actually did help me.  She reminded me that people are truly good at heart and despite the news, ready and willing to help.

My father often did this.  It was obvious his love language was acts of service.  Even at 90 yrs of age he loved when it snowed.  He would fire up his snowblower and do his driveway and all the neighbors.  I have operated that thing and it is a beast.  How he did it at his age is remarkable.  He thrived when the power went out. With his generator up and running and the help of my mother he delivered hot coffee to all the neighbors without power and offered to have them come over for an impromptu gathering.

He was such a cornerstone to the neighborhood that when he died suddenly, my friend no longer felt her elderly parents who lived across the street were safe to live alone.  She actually told me ” I could always depend on your Dad to check on them and he was their safety net.  Now that he is gone they really need to move”.  My Dad would argue that wasn’t the case but it truly was.

Of course all my siblings will tell you that Dad did carry it to extremes.  Several times he stopped the car abruptly to save a box turtle meandering in the road.  And when I say stop  I mean a screeching halt like something was wrong and this was before seatbelts.  Still it makes me smile at his tender heart for all living things.

While  I don’t stop for turtles I do go out of my way to hold doors for people especially young Moms struggling with a stroller, a toddler and packages.  My favorite thing is to compliment someone just randomly.  I did this recently to an older gentleman who was walking slowly with his head down.  I caught his eye and told him I loved his beautiful green shirt ( it was lovely) and his face lit up and he smiled as he thanked me.  He walked a little quicker and with head up the rest of the way.

All of this is a reminder to slow down, check on your friends, neighbors and strangers.  Offer someone a compliment .  I have no idea who that gentleman was with the bright green shirt but I often remember that brief moment when his face lit up and it lifts me up.  In other words, acts of kindness benefit everyone.

Maybe the lesson comes from the turtles after all.  Slow down, take your time and look around and remember one small act of kindness can make a huge difference.

Now as always..go out and make it a thoughtful one. 🙂

One of my better running photos!