Friends don’t let friends ride their bikes naked!

Well its true!  Actually I am pretty adamant about not letting my friends ride naked.  Those that do get me riled up and on my soapbox.

Wait.  Maybe I should clarify naked.


Maybe I should have gone with my first choice for a title which was really a question.

What do ER nurses call people who ride naked?

Have I got your attention?

Good and you will be relieved to know that it’s not THAT kind of naked.   Its the nothing on your   head kind of naked as in:

No bike helmet

Hang in here with me and I promise it will be worth your while.

Actually if you are a grown adult and choose not to wear a helmet then I guess its your choice.  I have heard everything from

  • it’s uncomfortable
  • messes my hair up
  • too much trouble
  • just haven’t bought one yet
  • they are ugly
  • never wore one as a kid.

I never wore one as a kid either but  as the saying goes:

” when we know better we do better”.

As for the rest of the excuses, sounds like a lot of inexcusable whining to me.

Here is what gets me on my soapbox.  Most bike helmet laws are for kids 14  and under. I guess brains older than 14 are expendable??

AND lately I have been seeing  several Moms out riding with their kids.  ALL the kids have helmets on, the Moms do not.


Guess its “do as I say, not as I do time”    Holy cow.

Here are a few stats for those of you who like to ride with a naked head.   I was surprised at the ages of most fatalities.

From the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Wearing a bike helmet can reduce your chance of head injury 85%.
  • Most helmet laws are for kids 14 and under.
  • 87% of  fatal bicycle crashes happen to people 16 and older.
  • Average age of injury  30 years old
  • Average age of fatality 41 years old

Just so you know that if 85% of all kids wore bike helmets the lifetime medical savings would be between $197 million and $256 milllion.

Now if we can only get those knuckle head Moms to put one on.

So remember these two things:

What DO most ER nurses call people who don’t wear bike helmets ( or as I like to call it, riding naked) ?


And on a lighter note:

Have fun with it..who says you can’t make a fashion statement with a bike helmet ?  Not this guy!Cristiano

Go put your helmet !  NOW !

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