Hanging out in my comfort zone

Honestly there is nothing better than hanging out in my comfort zone.

For whatever reason the phrase or concept of “comfort zone” has gotten a bad rap.

It has been characterized as a weak place to be, a place that is stagnant and no good for you.

It’s as if it were a pool hall with the smell of stale beer, cigarettes and people with unsavory pasts and questionable motives that eye you as fresh game.  They are ready to influence you into bad decisions.

That’s a lie for sure.  We all need a safe place to refresh, renew and relax.

A few months ago Paul and I were at a new beach that showed its extraordinary beauty from the minute we got there and I consciously chose to wrap myself up in what was familiar and stay in the safe place of doing anything I wanted to or nothing at all.

It is unusual for me to be able to do this but way overdue.

The beach was a one minute walk away.  Every morning I wanted to sleep in but found myself drawn to the barely lit skies of a new day with the waves lapping up to beach, escaping and coming back to greet me once more.

I loved every minute of it ending each day with the fading light and the changing skies as the sun slipped into the ocean.

The truth is I love a challenge and the excitement of being out of my comfort zone but not this time.

I stayed in the warmth, and safety of my centered place.

As Mother Nature teases us with hints of spring only to bring us back to winter I think perhaps the shorter days of this season, the ever present chill, the desire to sit by the fire or stay under the warmth of the covers is a reminder to renew ourselves just like the bare trees and dormant flower bulbs instinctively know how to do.

Anne Lamott wisely  said ” Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you”

Offer yourself the gift of “unplugging” or the gift of lingering in your comfort zone however that looks for you 🙂   I will be here hanging out in mine.

As always, keep on triing 🙂  Jennifer

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