Hanging Pictures..his way, my way … send help!

There are a lot of things that can stress a relationship.

Money woes, buying a house, new babies, kids in general, teenagers, stress at work.

All the things.

One of the things that stresses us out is hanging pictures.

It should be simple right?  Not.

This has become quite the discussion in our new home. Paul actually has decent taste most of the time but we heartly disagree on decorating and especially hanging stuff up.

First we discuss on what picture goes where.  This takes awhile because I like it to look nice and Paul just wants stuff on the wall  (I am not kidding).  Good taste wins mostly and by good taste I mean me.

The first problem is he wants it as his eye level.  Well he is 6’2” to my 5’5″.   Nothing like not ever being able to see anything on the wall without straining my neck. Of course his argument is he has to bend down to see it where I want it.

We compromise, sort of.  Let’s just say I am looking up, alot!

Also I might add that the most epic argument my parents ever had was when they hung fruit plates in their dining room.  I am not quite sure why Mom even liked the fruit plates but she did and she wanted them up in a decorative pattern.

Dad wanted them measured out, symetrical, using a level and a tape measurer.

It did not go well.

As a matter of fact before they repainted the room there were no less than seven repaired holes behind each plate.  I was actually surprised the plates survived the whole ordeal and were not flung across the room.

In the end my mother “won” but it was battle.  Like I said “epic”!

The second problem with this whole endeavor is Paul only wants to put one hole in the wall.  Just one.  He will measure and level it and then when it goes it up that is it. And yet I might not like it there and want something different which would require a nail in a second place.  Oh the HORRORS…you would think I had just set his hair on fire.

Also this is what I need to put up a picture.

This is what Paul needs.

Before I get myself into too much trouble I have to say that I am truly grateful for Paul’s infinite skills when it comes to painting, repairing, fixing plumbing problems etc.  Not only is it done well but in a timely fashion.

The picture hanging..well that needs work.

Now about the paint choices.  Like I said…Send help!!

As always keep triing,


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All grammatical and spelling errors are my gift to you and may you have a magical day or several 🙂

I was recently published in the book ” So God Made a Mother” ( you can order it here) and I am working on a yet to be named novel.  My six grandchildren keep me young and my very organized hubby Paul tolerates my very unorganized yiddle ( middle and youngest) self.  Opposites do attract 🙂






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