Here Paul jump in this box….

I thought I would never say this but I miss our Navy moves.  Wait what?

Yup I miss them coming in and packing everything that wasn’t nailed down including the trash.

Or the time they moved us out of base housing and tried to take the refrigerator which belonged to the Navy. It was still plugged in and full of food.


As you may remember we are in the longest drawn out move ever.

Not all of it is our fault.  The occupancy permit for our new home was delayed, part of the hardwood floor had to be replaced due to water damage and a million other things.

It is our modus operandi to relieve stress with humor but somehow humor left the building last week.

I was a packing a box and faintly listening to Paul mutter about how we have too much stuff and this is never going to end.  He was going on and on and I wondered as I held a roll of packing tape in my hand if I could coerce him into this large box and tape it up.

Just for a little while.

You are lying if you haven’t had small little not so nice fantasies like this.  C’mon we all do.

Did it happen ? Of course not.  I did something funny and he had a chance to reset and then about an hour later I had my turn at a mini melt down.

It’s polite to take turns in these situations.

Boundaries and rules also help.

For instance:

  • Only one person at a time can melt down or stress out.
  • You may remind the person who is tagging along on your melt down that it is not their turn and the current meltdown must be over before another starts
  • Always have chocolate in the house, or wine, or junk food.  All bets are off, diets be damned, a good food fest helps.
  • Sometimes, not always, an exaggerated imitation of how ridiculous the melt downee is being can break the mood.  This however can be dangerous if the mood is not gaged correctly.
  • the old Groucho Marx Glasses and moustache often works or any strange item worn in an odd way can help
  • Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT blame hormones or PMS in any situation. This is like a fuel ignitor and will definitely back fire.

Now when we are arguing or whatever due to the stressful situation I like to get into it. Like really get into it.  Yell, stomp, the whole 9 yards.

Of course I am married to someone who does not.  Drives me crazy.  However what he is adept at is sometimes, not always, defusing the situation with a brilliant play on words.

Our most famous one is an argument we had  (the specifics have long been forgotten) but it went something like this:

Me:  I can’t believe you asked that question.

Paul:  Why, it was a perfectly good question.

Me:  Are you kidding me? That was the dumbest question you have ever asked me.  I mean really the DUMBEST question ever.

Paul:  Really? I don’t think so.  I don’t think it was the dumbest question I have  ever asked.

He saying this way too calmly for my taste, I mean we are arguing, raise your voice at least!

Me;  Really?  Seriously? ( my voice and disbelief were escalating at this point )


Paul brilliantly dead panned:

“Will you marry Me?”

I fell down laughing as did he.

Well played Paul, well played.

This happened years ago and every once in awhile I will say “Well that’s a dumb question” and Paul looks at me and says ” Not the dumbest though, right?” and I laugh.

So back to packing and loading a truck and a few more meltdowns and laughter and hopefully not packing the trash.

And now I am wondering if Paul wants to pack me in a box.  Probably.

Excuse me while I go hide all the boxes I might fit in.

As always keep triing and stay tuned for another episode of ” The Worlds Longest Move”





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