The Hidden Secret of Handwritten Notes

I recently sent out some handwritten notes.  Now here is the beauty of handwritten notes in comparison to the angst and anxiety caused by emails and texts.

There is no expectation of a return reply anytime soon or ever.  I do not sit by my mailbox in intense anticipation waiting for a response.  Right before I mail whatever I am sending I usually smile, hope it gets to where it is going and hope it makes the other person smile as well.

That’s it.  I go on my merry way and often let it slip my mind until someone calls or texts and says thank you which I always appreciate.  If the recipient doesn’t do it, it is not a huge deal. The blessing and pleasure for me is in the sending and the hope it lands in the right place for the right person.

I actually did research on this and while I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for I did find this from a Forbes article.


Fascinating except I didn’t need the research to figure this one out, I just know how putting  pen to paper makes me calmer, more creative, and honestly happier.

Don’t get me wrong, computers are great except when they are not!

The latest joke is if we want to write in code to the younger generation write a note to them in cursive and it will confound them.

I’m not sure that will work but I do know it took me no time at all to write those three notes and I treasure the ones sent to me.

Nothing is better than finding real mail in my mailbox.

I have a friend whose son is at a summer program.  The only time he can connect to the internet or call home is on Sunday afternoons so he has been writing heartfelt letters to all his family and friends and they have been writing back.

Everyone participating can feel the emotion and love connected with these letters.  I have just been a fortunate bystander as I watch this unfold but it is beautiful

So no matter how you write in cursive or printing.  No matter how bad you think your writing is ( and it is probably not) grab a pen and piece of paper and write a quick note to your love ones, your friends, or anyone you want to connect with.

It doesn’t have to be long.  A simple “I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and I hope this makes you smile”  is more than enough.

Writing real mail IS all that it is cracked up to be.

As always keep triing,


P.S.  Two posts in one!   In any case enjoy any and all typos and mispellings.  My gift to you.





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