I called and she picked up

I called and she picked up.

I wasn’t sure if the number I had was her landline or her cell.  If it was her cell it was a gamble as she often lost it or it wasn’t charged so when she picked up I smiled.

Several times I told her who I was but two minutes in she said ” Who is this?”

“Jennifer, I replied.  Lee and Betty’s daughter.”

She squealed with delight and yelled to her husband..”Mike it’s Jennifer!”

I felt like a rock star.  The excitement in her voice was just the best.

These two were good friends of my parents and connecting with them always makes my day.

Dad and Mike met in law school.  They were both in their late 40’s, working during the day and attending law school at night.  It was the perfect match for what would become a long friendship between them and their wives.

The conversation was perfectly imperfect and often a repeat of the one we had awhile back.  Willa liked to recall how Mike and Dad met and how she and Mike met.  We had common ground in being nurses so she often would repeat the same stories of her days as a school nurse.

I did not mind.  In fact I was just happy to hear her voice,  Every once in awhile she would tell me a tidbit abut my parents that  I hadn’t heard before.  She always asked about my siblings and their families and was happy to hear everyone was doing well.

My hope is that I have added to her day.  She probably adds more to mine as I love when she shares favorite memories of my parents and their adventures together.

It touches my heart when she says she thinks of my parents everyday, misses them  and cherished their friendship.

So today I am happy to listen to the same stories and be present and patient because one day she won’t pick up and one more living connection to my parents will be gone.

As always…keep triing at what fills your heart, Jennifer

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