I found my Father’s hat and…

I was repacking a box the other day making it more compact and trying to find room for other things  when I found my fathers hat and …..

I wasn’t prepared to be so overwhelmed with emotion.

It was the hat he always wore.

I put it on my head and instantly felt his presence and smiled as I thought of the many times he would grab it as he left the house.

My Dad wore many hats in his lifetime.  The ones that kept him warm as a young boy.  The stylish ones that gave a hint of the GQ look and the ones that were part of his navy uniform that completed his military ensemble, and most importantly declared his loyalty to his country and the U.S. Navy.

He had ball caps that he wore while he worked in the yard and even a pith helmet to keep the sun off his head.

He had a cowboy hat that he liked to wear with a plaid shirt and his jeans or was it his leisure suit? The thought of leisure suits makes me smile.  A sure sign of the times and a fashion cringe.

My favorite cowboy

All of his hats tell the story of his life.

For whatever reason though it is this hat that brings me the most comfort and joy.


I am not sure why but perhaps it’s because it is the one he wore most of the time.

Something I don’t share much is that I never got to say goodbye to my Dad. He died suddenly at the top of his game, still driving, telling jokes that were paragraphs long, mowing the grass in the summer and in the winter snow blowing his driveway and his neighbor’s driveways and sidewalks at the age of 90.

I feel a bit cheated there was no last good bye. No last hug or I love you said between us but I comfort myself with the knowledge that he was doing well and did not suffer the indignities of losing his memories or physical capabilities.

So hats off to you Dad.

A life well lived.

I put your hat where I will see it everyday in our new home.

It will tug at my heart, make me smile and remind me of you.

As always keep triing and maybe today do it with your favorite hat 🙂



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