I jumped off a cliff and so can you!

Well not really but it sure felt like it.

It is true what they say.  That first step is a doozy.

In May of 2021 I submitted a blog post to  Her View From Home and it was accepted for publication.

Who knew hitting the send button on that one felt like jumping off a cliff?

In July 2021 ,the founder,Leslie Means offered everyone who had published with them before July 1st the chance to submit pieces to a book they were going to publish.

Please note I am a world class procrastinator and had I not submitted that first piece I would not have the chance to possibly be published in this upcoming book.

We had until September. We could only submit 2 pieces and each piece could only be 600 words long and the theme was “So God Made a Mother”

If accepted we would also be paid.  That was a bonus and minor in the motivation category but still nice.

This cliff was higher than most and a lot more scary.  Lots of doubts.  Still I had nothing to lose except I had not one,  NOT ONE IDEA.

So I let it percolate and finally managed to write two pieces.

I spent days editing them.

Did you know a writer is never done editing?

I finally gave up, hoped they were good enough and hit the send button fingers crossed for a soft landing as I leapt off my imagined cliff.

The deadline passed.  The waiting commenced.

Once the deadline passed several people in the facebook group admitted they could not hit the send button.  They had their pieces ready but they just couldn’t do it.

My heart sank and here is why.

I had a good friend (a gifted writer) who had an interesting story to tell.  The very short version is she took vows to become a nun when she was 14.  She was enamored with the spirituality, the dedication, and the mystery of it all.  For six years she tried to make it work but the order she had chosen was not warm and loving and she ultimately left at 21.  In her words I was a 14 year old in a young adult body, totally naive as where I was going or what to do.  After many twists and turns she found happiness and vowed to write her story when she retired.  Sadly her story died with her after a brief but deadly diagnosis of cancer.

And that is why I ache for those who could not submit their pieces.

Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and nobody’s story should die with them.

After almost a year, in May 2022, on Friday the 13th no less (obviously my lucky day) I learned one of my pieces would be a part of this book.

I took the leap and I survived.  Even if I had been rejected it would have still been a win for trying.

I hope that you will try as well, no matter the outcome.  Don’t let the world miss out on your story or whatever it is you want to share.

Yes the leaping is scary, but the soaring is so worth it.

As always..keep triing, Jennifer

P.S.  I can’t leave here without leaving a link to purchase the book..seriously it is so good.

I am in awe of the other writers.


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