I like it better when you write funny pieces…..

“I like it better when you write funny pieces”

I’ve heard this several times lately and I agree.  I prefer to write things that make me smile.

Humorous everyday life things that everyone can relate to and chuckle.

One of my most faithful readers is my hubby, Paul.  I appreciate his insight although we read with very different perspectives.  The first time many years ago he read my very first blog piece and the feedback was all about the grammar and spelling errors I had made.

I was disappointed.  I wanted him to read for content.  What he said was very useful, practical and yet I wanted to know if the message got across.

Being my best follower he reads for both now and I appreciate his opinion.

He recently echoed some feedback I had gotten from readers that humorous pieces were better or more appreciated in this crazy world of ours.

I paused to think about it and then had writers block..sigh.

I then remembered the best writing advice I have ever received in relation to blogging (or writing in general) was ” Your Blog, your way”.

I think about that often.  Especially when I have written about my mothers’ dementia and the grief of losing my parents.

Trust me someone out there needs to hear whatever words you are writing at any given moment.

Yes humorous pieces are the best.  I love a good laugh or the kinship in knowing crazy and absurd things happen to others and not just me.

And yet…I always need to write from my heart.

I was in a joint conversation with some high school friends.  One of them lost both parents within 2 weeks of each other and she indicated she was having a hard time moving on and had to give herself time every afternoon to regroup and be gentle with herself.

Two years ago this month my mother passed away so I am a little further down this road of grief and loss.

I offered these words to her.  It takes time.  It will get better on your own timeline and you are honoring that by being kind to yourself.  Losing anyone but especially parents (even if they lived a long and great life)  is a forever loss.  Eventually you will smile when you remember them and think of funny things or special memories. Those thoughts and remembrances will soothe your hurting heart.

She was so relieved to hear this and thanked me.

It felt good to be able to offer her some comfort.  Others did that for me and I am honored to pay it forward.

I marked the anniversary of my mothers passing with my first ever reel.  I will try and post it here but if it doesn’t show up you can find it on my facebook page See Jenn Tri.  Make sure you turn on the sound 🙂


I also found this poet on Instagram. Her name is Whtiney Hanson. You can find her on IG @Whitneyhansonpoetry.

She does beautiful renditions of her poems and this one is not only beautiful but true.

I believe that there are two kinds of grief.

the first develops immediately after loss.  it is the type that tears at your soul and twists you into knots that you don’t think will every unravel.  it is the sinking feeling of loved ones in hospital beds and people whose hands you will never hold again.

the second is the string of yarn once you’ve untangled it all, it follows you.  it snags on shadows that look like silhouettes of people you once loved. it catches on the corner of your smile and reminds you that love is a temporary gift.

at the end of the day, it is the second kind of grief that saves us

because it ensures we never forget how precious it all is.

                                                                                   Whitney Hanson author of  “harmony”

Here is the link to her beautiful rendition of the above poem.


Take heart I do have several humorous posts planned but this needed to be written because in the sometimes gloomy days of winter we all need a little reminder to be gentle with ourselves and to reach out to those safe people who have traveled this road before us.

It gives us peace.

It gives us hope.

I promise it gets better.  Remember that even on the days when it seems it won’t.

As always ….keep triing,


P.S. You too can get this right into to you inbox almost every Tuesday (a day earlier than everyone else …  :)!  Just fill out the very annoying pop up in this post!

All grammatical and spelling errors are my gift to you and may you have a magical day or several 🙂

I was recently published in the book ” So God Made a Mother” ( you can order it here) and I am working on a yet to be named novel.  My six grandchildren keep me young and my very organized hubby Paul tolerates my very unorganized yiddle ( middle and youngest) self.  Opposites do attract 🙂

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