I met a woman….

As many of you know I was honored to be published in the book ” So God Made a Mother” which officially releases TODAY ( April 18th)

I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to celebrate the book launch with many of the other contributors.  Words cannot describe the energy, the love and the camaraderie that filled the room.

Moms came with daughters as did sisters and husbands.

I was a little envious of those who had their Mom or Dad there.  How very special and how I would have loved to have shared this with my parents.

I met some incredible women.

I met a woman who had a dream, almost gave up and didn’t and so many of us are forever grateful that she persevered.

I met a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she had 3 months to live.  Go home and get your affairs in order.  Say your goodbyes she was told.  Nine years later she is celebrating a full and gorgeous life.

I met a woman who was there with her daughter.  Her daughter had more than her share of adversity in her life and the mother daughter relationship had suffered.  This Mom was honored to be there and so grateful they were healing together.

I met a woman with social anxiety who felt safe, loved, welcomed and seen by complete strangers who are now friends.

I met a woman who was from my old hometown of LaGrange, Illinois.  The place where I spent my wonder years.  It is a small and precious world.

I met women who bared their souls for others to read. Brave, honest, open.

I met women who became instant friends, welcoming, non judgmental and full of joy.

I met women who came to celebrate and connect.

I met women who had babies and toddlers. Ones who had teenagers and college students, and a few like me who had grandchildren.

I met a woman who took a chance on sending her writing in to be considered.  Young motherhood was long behind her and when she looked out and spent time with the other contributors she realized she was the oldest one there and yet…it made no difference.  She was loved and accepted.  In the company of other writers her words were just as valuable as those around her, most of whom were the same age as her own children.

That woman, my friends, was me.  I found new friends, a new online writing group, new inspiration.

We are different but the same. We chose to write or the words chose us.

We took a chance on getting published. We came together to celebrate and connect.

Words and hearts blended together.

I am forever blessed and grateful.

As always…keep triing!  Jennifer

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