It is just stuff but then again it isn’t…

I opened the box with curiosity and anticipation.

A box that had been packed up for a year. It was labeled framed pictures and “I forgot what else” 🙂

It literally says that.  Obviously a box packed on the tail end of our move last year when my brain was fried.

As I opened the box the first thing I unwrapped was an etched stone wall hanging with a favorite bible verse given to me as a celebration of my faith walk by someone who had supported and encouraged me. She still does!  It made me smile.


Next I unwrapped  a frame with two photos in it.  It was a duplicate of a gift I had given my friend Francy celebrating the over 10 years we had walked at 5am each weekday morning.  A favorite memory from one of my favorite people.  Francy is now walking in heaven and I miss her deeply.

I got some much needed comic relief from the this item that I had forgotten all about.  No touching memories from this one but a good chuckle and the thought that my grandparents would have endorsed it 100%.

We are settling into our new home and I am grateful to be here.

Each box I open is a bit of a surprise and often there is a memory attached to each and every thing.  Okay not the cleaning supplies or the glassware but most of it has a story to tell.

When we packed up our previous home we let go of a lot of things.  We are still letting go.

Sometimes it is an easy decison.   Most times it is not.

Just the other day I let go of two of my mothers favorite chairs.  I hated to do it but I had no place for them and my hope is they will become someone elses favorite chairs and bring them joy.

I am sentimental to a fault but I offer no apologies.

Please don’t send me articles about decluttering, downsizing, or the awful “Swedish Death Cleaning”  I have seen them all in my inbox and I quickly filed them in the computer’s circular file aka delete bin.

My motivation to streamline and let go has nothing to do with wanting to be a minimilast.  I applaud those who can live in a tiny house but that is not me.  If Paul and I moved into 200 square foot tiny home I bet we would be ready to kill each other in less than a day.

My motivation is a result of cleaning out my parents house of 50 years.  We do not want to leave our kids with that monumental task.

There is a saying that “Happiness is a Warm Puppy”.

Actually for me happiness is settling into our new place.

After a year of living in a rather dreary rental home surrounded by boxes and feeling displaced it is a joy to make our new house into a home.

Favorite photos and prints are settling in to their new locations.  I run my hand over the soft afghan I made my mother and place my fathers favorite hat where I will see it every morning.

I plant my cherry tomatoes and basil and look for the perfect spot where they will flourish.

Framed photos of our family are sprinkled throughout the house.  Each photo is evidence of our growing  brood.  From one to three children, 2 son in laws and quickly the number of grandchildren grew to six.

We are blessed.

We are still living in between stacks of boxes, trying to find things, and navigating the paths we have created so we don’t trip.

I never thought I would say moving is fun because it really isn’t but it has been fun opening boxes and finding my treasures.  A little like Christmas every day.

And just to be real, while it is fun to unpack there is also mystery as in ” Why did we bring this?”  “And what does this go to? ”

We actually have a container of miscellaneous parts with false hope their original homes will be found.

The reality is we will get tired of having this box and eventually throw all these pieces out and the next day discover we actually needed them.  🙂

In any case I need to go unpack a few more boxes.

Here’s to treasure hunting!

As always keep triing!


P.S. Look for my blog posts every Tuesday.  It may be 11:59 pm but one will show up 🙂

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