It’s “I may not be fast but at least I am Fashionable” Friday

We all have our addictions.  For many women its shoes.  I have a slight big addiction to cute and colorful workout wear.  I knew I had a problem when looking through my closet I actually had more work out wear than regular clothes.

Guys definitely would not get this.  I generally wear my work out gear once and then wash it .  My husband claims you don’t need to wash it after every work out because you are just going to get it sweaty again.

There is some logic in that but not much.

I like the friends I work out with too much to subject them to working out next to me in really ripe workout clothes.

Actually I like myself too much to put on smelly work out clothes.

I am also inclined to go for a run, bike ride or head to the gym if I like what I am wearing.

I ran a 10k in April with a really fun training group from Active Life Fitness.  One of my favorite team mates Jeannine, showed up in this bright pink floral running skirt with matching arm sleeves.  She looked awesome and it really added a festive spirit to our team.

Her comment to everyone that day was “Well, if I can’t be fast at least I am fashionable”

Thanks , Jeannine.  You inspired me to share migraine some of my favorite  work out wear and where you can get them.  I will do some bargain shopping as well since we all like to save money. for cute work out wear..this could be dangerous.  Nothing like feeding an addiction to support my blog.   It’s a sacrifice but I think I am up to it .

My sisters are probably scratching their heads over this new found interest in fashion since it has never been a passion of mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I  clean up real well but I do like to be comfortable.  Maybe that is why I became a nurse.  Nothing like a pair of comfy scrubs and tennis shoes to make your day more enjoyable.

Here are a few samples from Running Skirts Who wouldn’t want to run while wearing these cute outfits?us-clover_stk-white_paisley_1

I am a big believer in wearing cute colorful sports bras.  If its chilly I may start off with a shirt but more often than not it comes off.

Here are few more sports bras from running skirts that caught my eye.


Love the scrunchy look of this next one.


And last I am in love with this tangerine running skirt!

rs-cerise_mandarin_webI would like those abs as well..sigh.

Please share your favorite styles or patterns for workout wear!  Have a fashionable Friday!

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