It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Oh the difference a few seconds and a smile makes!

Posting this a day early..Happy 4th of July!!

Everyone loves the idea of Thougthful Thursday ( sending REAL mail) but not everyone does it.

And guess what? I get it.  It is not the easiest thing to do in this fast paced, send the e-mail or text and get a response right away world…


It is so worth it and so appreciated.

So while I will continue to encourage you all to send a little piece of love via the mail there are also other things you can do that take seconds and will make your day and someone else’s a thoughtful one.

I made a list and feel free to add to it via the comments section.  Here goes:

  • Wave to everyone when you are walking, running, driving in your neighborhood or just out and about.  Doesn’t matter if you know them or not.  Just smile and wave.  It may be the only kind thing that person sees today.  I actually know someone who chose her neightborhood by how many people waved at her.
  • Hold the door for someone, hold the elevator, let someone into your lane of traffic
  • Be patient ( it is not their fault you are in a hurry)
  • Say something nice to someone.  I recently saw an older gentleman with his head down walking towards my favorite bookstore.  I held the door for him and complimented him on his bright green shirt.  The shift in his expression still makes me smile.  He brightened up, stood up straight and told me it was his favorite shirt.   The 10 seconds that took continues to pay me back.
  • Be nice to someone who rubs you the wrong way and you have to see often ( think co-worker, neighbor)  You don’t have to invite them to lunch but you may be rewarded with a better attitude from them and with people like this you may be the only one that offered them a hello or a kind word.
  • Stay off your phone when out and about  and pay attention to the world around you.  You will be rewarded with sights of flowers, random acts of kindness and opportunities to do the same.

I know there are tons more ways to make a make a difference in less than a minute of your time.  What may surprise you is the immensity of the reward YOU will receive.  A smile back, the amazing feeling that your kindness uplifted a stranger, the awareness and desire to do it daily and the reminder that there really are alot of good people out there that will pay your kindness forward or be there to uplift you when you need it.

Shared from my favorite running store Lucky Foot in Midlothian,VA

Shared from my favorite running store Lucky Foot in Midlothian,VA

Now go out and make it a thoughtful one!

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  1. Great reminders of how little effort it takes to brighten someone’s day – you brightened mine today, Jenn. I love your Thursday blogs.