It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Technology Saved the Day

I often say I am just tech savvy enough to be dangerous even though my husband calls me the “gadget queen”.  I also  have to admit that I have been resisting lazy about learning all the bells and whistles for each gadget.

Despite my laziness I find myself being so very grateful that technology has saved  me time energy and a little angst when my brain cells aren’t connecting.

My car, for one,  is way smarter than I am and has saved me from locking my keys inside at least 100 times.

I also have many tech savy friends that have saved me from self induced tech trouble.

And now, despite my resistance, ( and being a tad sentimental)  I have to admit that it may be time to give the old address book the heave ho.  It is worn and tattered and seen its better days. It also has a mind of its own and goes missing for days on end.


I realized this when some of  my tech savvy friends came to the rescue of  “Thougthful Thursdays”.  They did it  without even realizing it..just doing what came naturally to them ( tech wise).

A life raft was thrown my way long before I was in danger of drowning.


I wish ( would have made an awesome blog post!)  but no.. just a happy accident.

I was writing notes for  “Thoughtful Thursdays” and wishing I had my address book with me when a light bulb went off.  The last time I was with these friends we exchanged addresses, e-mails, birthdays etc. via SMART PHONES!

There I was in the oh so comfortable Jiffy Lube waiting room writing cards wishing I could mail them on my way home and like magic two of my brain cells collided and I checked my phone and there were all the addresses I needed.


Mission accomplished.  Stamps purchased at the grocery store, note cards breeding indiscirminatly in my desk, and my purse, addresses on smart phone, pen hiding in the grunge of my car, purse, couch cushions or on occasion at my desk.  No excuses not to write these notes anymore!

Thoughtful Thursday gadget style with a little old school thrown in for good measure.  The best of both worlds wouldn’t you say?

So go out and make it a Thoughtful uber smart car, phone, computer and running watch told me to remind you!

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