Keeping it simple

Did you ever wonder what would happen if we yanked the cord on everything?

When did it get all so complicated?

Even reading, one of my favorite pastimes is getting high tech.

I do have a thing for books. I read them all, ..well most of them. I was using the library quite a bit but after supporting the building of a new library wing with the fines I accumulated I decided it was easier to buy than to borrow.

After a year or two the books started to breed in my basement, and closets and when we moved it became evident I had a problem.

So I became a library partron again.

I then got the notion that I could be earth friendly, space friendly and still have all the books I wanted if I got a Kindlle or a Nook e-reader.

I was just about to take the plunge when the I-pad came out and my techy friend wait until this other thing comes out with even newer technology and you’ll be all set.


My desire to be “green” and make the techno leap vanished. I found a favorite book and leafed through the pages wistfully.

I yearned for simplicity. So I decided to go for a run. This should be easy and simple. I wish…this is how it played out..

Put on running clothes and shoes. Walk outside, check the weather, back inside. Oh wait need my phone for safety, need my running pouch ( spi it) Garmin running watch for time, speed, distance. Need to turn it on so it can find the satellite. Water, do I need water? Music..where’s my IPOD. Uh oh, Garmin is set for biking, need to set it for running. Looking for my ear phones, bathroom break. Find hat and sunglasses….40 minutes later I go running. much for simplicity

My techy friend read this and claimed the “simple” solution was to get an I-phone.


Think I will just go put on my PF Flyers so I can run faster and jump higher..maybe I can jump back in time?

Anyone with me??

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  1. Barb McCandless says

    Jenn, that is just too funny. My husband swears by his Kindle. Not too long ago I discovered You post a book you’ve read and want to get rid of. When someone wants it, you mail it to them (at your expense.) You then earn a credit, which you can use to order any of the THOUSANDS of books listed by other members. Although the name of the site is paperback swap, you can also swap hard cover and audio books. I’m loving it.

  2. Melodi Broege says

    Reading your post today was like reading my own mind! When I run I use the Garmin watch and my IPOD. I have been deliberating between the Kindle and the I Pad for 3 weeks now. The piles of books in my house are out of control. My local library doesn’t even want the donations anymore. I am hesitating though – I can’t imagine not being able to pass a much loved book on to a friend!