Let’s Tri this again!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may be wondering why the blog posts lately have not mentioned one thing about triathlons.

Me too!

It has been a season of fighting myself in regards to triathlons  and actually any kind of training.

I had a great intentions of doing my usual tri’s and adding a few more but I became the queen of excuses and procrastination.

The summer here in Virginia seemed to start in Feb.  At least my daffodils thought so and here is the proof.

Daffodils in the snow

It WAS a hot, hot summer.  Not only is this true but it was my main reason for not training consistently.

Then the whining started..no time, no close access to a “good” pool, it’s raining,my back hurts, I just ate and the dog ate my running shoes.

Okay the last one is a total lie but the fact is I was full of excuses or just plain full of it.

Truth is the last ” official ” race I did was a 10k in March.

I even weenied out on my first official “See Jenn Tri” triathlon.  This was an idea I came up with to make up for all the triathlons I missed.  I was going to do my own triathlon just for me with just one participant: ME!

Finally I sat myself down and decided I needed to get a grip and get moving .

  • I put together my halo swim trainer that I bought in March and started using it just this week.
  • I started running
  • I forgave myself for being such a slacker this summer

Amazing things can happen when you forgive yourself.

  • I am actually enjoying  my runs again and look forward to them! ( that hasn’t happened in a long time)
  • My back is not hurting before or after my runs ( Maybe I needed the rest??)
  • I allow myself to either run the planned distance or time OR do a walk run
  • When I don’t feel like running or exercising I find if I just make the effort to get out there I am always happier with myself than if I blow it off

I am not a fiercely competitive person.  I love to get out there and participate.  What my time is and where I placed are low on the totem pole.  It is more about enjoying myself and being a part of these fun events.

So it was a summer of learning.   I learned I do not like to run in 1oo% humidity and 99 degree weather.  If I am to run a marathon ( it is on my list) it is going to have to be one in the early spring.

I will run in the summer but just to keep my running up to par.  For me, summer is better suited to swimming and biking.

I am also looking into joining a tri-training group.  I have been going it alone for too long.

Mostly I have learned to give myself some grace and be a little more gentle and generous with myself.

I have a 10k in October that is being run alongside the Marine Corps Marathon.  I can’t wait.  I am not sure which is more exciting..the actual run or the fact that I am now comfortable with where I am in this process.

I think I will just follow this rule that hangs by my desk:

Celebrate Everything

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break and hit the refresh button.  I fought myself on this all summer.   Once I quit fighting it  the path became clear.

What will you hit the refresh button on today?  As for me, I gotta run!  🙂

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