Living off the Grid..maybe???

” I think we need to live off the grid”  Wait what?  It was an off the cuff remark Paul made after looking at our latest grocery bill.

I sort of chuckled at the thought of us growing our own food and I grimaced at the thought of outside plumbing.  Glamping not camping is more my style.

It was worrisome that Paul may have been semi serious.

While I come from a long line of farmers I am not sure my limited gardening skills would be enough to feed us evidenced by the demise of two of my four tomato plants and one basil plant.

Also I have never canned a thing in my life so that would mean slim pickens in the winter.

It is impressive people want to rely on their ingenuity, natural survival talents and motivation to live off the land without most modern conveniences.

Still one does need to think about the basics ( water, food, shelter)

My question is did they just wake up one day and decide to do this without taking into consideration that perhaps  a drinkable water source might be a good idea?

Should we move to a remote area and decide to homestead we would most definately end up on that reality show Homestead Rescue.

You know the one where Marty and his two adult children show up to rescue families who thought it was good idea to move to the most remote area ever, build a house but make no plans for running water, indoor plumbing and are puzzled as to why their livestock (aka dinner) keeps getting eaten by the local bears, foxes and coyotes.

Marty is a robust older gentleman who knows his stuff.  He always arrives with his cowbow hat on, a shirt unbuttoned to mid chest, a lot of swagger and almost always driving an excavator.

His two childen do most of the heavy lifting and what they do is incredible.  Still the plot is almost always the same.

The family is in a dire situation needing the basics in an area that doesn’t have much.  Marty and his kids come up with a plan that almost always includes a green house, a chicken coop, fresh water and a harrowing time with the excavator where it either almost tips over, gets mired down in mud, or hits a tree that almost crushes the house and then to our relief Marty saves the day with his skills and know how.

Notice almost is a key word.

In any case in about 1-2 weeks Marty has the place up and running and the family’s dream is saved.

As for Paul and I …well unless we can live off basil and green tomatoes I think we are not good candidates for living off the grid.

Oh look..we can live off the grid…here is my total summer harverst so far 🙂


Also while we live on a river we might need to improve our fishing skills  to survive.

Maybe instead of pulling up stakes and moving to a remote area to test our survival skills we should start with a simple camping trip.

Yes that works.  We will rent a camper and set it up.  I found the perfect campsite.  🙂

Looks like a great compromise to me!

As always keep triing,


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