Motherhood Deja Vu or why I needed a do-over for the day at 8am

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I have had a real life reminder of how EVERY Mom deserves breakfast in bed, a massage and a vacation.

Monday morning found me starting a week of being in charge of  three of my grand kids ages 6, 5 and 5 months.

Piece of cake or so I thought.

By 8am I wanted a do over.  Just so you know the day started at 6am  with Summer, age 6, reminding me what time the bus came so she wouldn’t miss it AGAIN under my watch.  Evidently I made quite the impression when she missed the bus because of me last September.

Oh the pressure!

Had the morning routine mapped out.  Everyone fed, dressed, baby diapered, lunches packed, diaper bag ready, backpacks ready and we head out the door.

Almost.  The baby, Tristun needed a diaper change at the last minute.  No problem.


It was at least a 6 wiper, all up his back and all over his outfit.

Back on track we head out the door.  I should mention that Summer is reciting the time to me every 30 seconds and reminding me that the bus is coming.

The plan was to drive to the bus stop even though it is spitting distance from the house.  This way I can head straight to the pre-school with Bella.

Problem #2.  Can’t get Tristun into the car seat.  The straps are way too tight.  WHAT??

I have a few choice words for car seat manufacturers that cannot be repeated.   After a few minutes of struggling with the car seat I realize I need to take Tristun AND the car seat back into house to fix the problem.

Summer is still reciting the time.  I sit her on the front step to watch for the bus.  I struggle with the car seat.

How hard can this be? I have a college education I should be able to this.

NOT!  Now I am sweating.   And then I hear it!  THE BUS, THE BUS.

Oh crap…she missed it.   Not quite.  The bus driver was kind enough to stop in front of the house and pick Summer up.

Phew.  Figured out the car seat, got to pre-school, got home and seriously thought ”  I KNOW its five o’clock somewhere”

As the song goes “My Mama said there will be days like this”

Tristun gave me a toothless grinTristun  7 weeks and I remembered one day many years ago when his Mom was three, wanted popsicles for breakfast, her brother was 10 days old, I locked myself out of the house, had to get a locksmith to open it up spending money we DIDN”T have and found the popsicle box on the counter and a huge puddle of former popsicles all over the kitchen floor.

And I survived.

The rest of the week has been much smoother.  Julie and Louie are here in the evening so I am not on 24/7.

Still I think it should be Mother’s Week and not day.

I consider it a successful day here if everyone is fed, happy and reasonably clean.  Its extra special if I get a shower.

Deja Vu for sure.

And to my daughters, Sarah and Julie.  Happy Mother’s Day!  You two are my heroes.

May Mother’s everywhere be honored and loved this Sunday!  ( and get a shower lol)

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