Moving Limbo

I’ve moved about 12 times in my life if you count the 3 times when I was a kid and college.

The anticipation is somewhat exciting, the reality is not.

The worst move for me had nothing to do with lost or damaged items or even packing.  It was leaving my friends at the tender age of 11.  It didn’t help that we moved from a place where I could walk everywhere and had lots of freedom to one where the car was king and I was pretty confined.

Plus we moved in June. Not much chance to meet kids my own age until September.

Oh and there is also the fact my mother did not adjust well.  As an adult I look back and realize that moving and peri-menopause are not a great combo but as a kid I had no idea.

Navy moves as an adult were the easiest although if you are not careful they will pack your garbage.

I am not kidding.

Fortunately for our children we made no major moves while they were growing up.  If it was necessary we would have but I really wanted to avoid what had happened to me as a kid.

Fast forward to our latest move and house building.  Just this past week both my hubby and our builder noted that I was a bit grumpy and putting off negative vibes.

In a word Yes!

We have been in limbo for over a year.  It has gotten old.

I am only complaining a little because our new house is really nice and I realize we are really fortunate but let me tell you how this feels.

It is like being nine months pregnant and the doctor keeps saying “any day now” but those days turn into weeks.  This is exactly how it happened with our first baby.

That first baby just had a birthday and is a mother herself.  I painfully remember being 9 months plus pregnant and huge (as in I gained 50 plus lbs). I was also overdue by almost 2 weeks.  Paul was equally frustrated and made the unfortunate remark of  :

“Linda had her baby yesterday and she wasn’t due until next week”.

Um you can guess how that went over and the hormonal tears that ensued.

In any case our  actual “due date” for the house is not until May 1st but then our builder teased us and said it would be ready by March 1st.


We are currently 3 1/2 weeks overdue.  And yes I am cranky.

Just like our first baby the house will be delivered eventually and not without some painful moments.

The building pains will soon be forgotten like labor .  I know this because we built a house in 2006 and I said never again.

Obviously the old adage never says never holds true. 🙂

In the meantime I will hanging out among the boxes, being cranky and not so patiently waiting to hear

“Congratulations, It’s a House”

As always keep triing,  Jennifer





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