My life as a Sitcom: Am I turning into Maxine? OMG

Lately I have been noticing alot of little things and they are all starting to irritate me.  Then I had an awful thought:

“Am I turning into one of those cranky people that complains all the time about the little things?

This picture came to mind:


Oh no!  After I tell you my thoughts and experiences please let me know if I now least in attitude the above image.

Here goes:

  • Twice I have been to restaurants where I practically had to beg for silverware.  What?  The waiter informed me they no longer had a sliverware wrapper.  I’m assuming this is a person and not a machine.  Still how hard is it to get silverware? ( and it wasn’t busy)
  • At the  second restaurant , after multiple requests for silverware,  I was handed just  a fork and a crappy one at that ( think camping silverware) . At that point I got up and got my own.
  • Vague Booking on Facebook also known as “I see you confused FB with your diary again”  These are just random posts that tell you nothing but are like cliffhangers begging for questions, sympathies, and concern as in “Do I have the courage to…..”  So we all have brain/facebook infarctions but when people do it ALL the time it is time to de-friend.
  • Why is my veterinarian’s office cleaner and better kept than my doctor’s office? ( oh wait I just looked at my vet bill..question answered)
  • Why are we fascinated with Kim Kardashian ( sympathies to her baby girl North by Northwest) and  Lyndsey Lohan ( sympathies to anyone who has to deal with her except maybe her lawyer who is making bank).


  • And why do we let people like Andrew Weiner ( aka let him show how photogenic his is) and Tiger Woods ( golf and PORN are his passions) get a second chance and we beat up on Paula Deen.  In all fairness I am not saying Paula Deen is totally innocent BUT Nike took a lot longer to un-endorse Tiger than than the Food Network did to drop Paula.
  • Movies that put all their best scenes in the trailer.  Argghh..the movie most guilty of this that comes to mind is “This is Forty” which should have been named “This is Boring”  OR celebrities like Will Smith, who made the movie “After Earth” solely to showcase his son who spent the entire movie running around with a constipated look on his face ( disclaimer: I am NOT a Sci Fi fan and my husband is and he thought it was an ok-good movie.
See....the most honest scene in the film..This IS boring!

See....the most honest scene in the film..This IS boring!

  • And last but not least are magazine subscripiton renewal notices.  Now they start coming before the first issue of the magazine arrives.  Or heaven forbid I should cancel a subscription.  Dear Oprah..Please don’t take this personally but I DID cancel my subscription in January.  I hear more from you than Publishers Clearing House.  So one last final time NO I DO NOT WANT TO RESUBSCRIBE!

OMG  I AM  Maxine and Oprah forced me to use all Upper Case Letters.

Well I guess I could do worse..but if Kim names her next baby “South” I’m breaking out the blue hair dye and making Maxine my new BFF!!

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