My life as a sitcom, part 3! (another Bettyism)

My parents, both 85, own a computer.  I am happy to say that it is  more than an expensive way to play solitaire.  My father uses it to keep up with friends, find and send jokes, and when the stars are aligned he can open up photos sent to him  and my Mom of their 10  great grandkids.

I never trust that the stars will be aligned.  It is actually less  frustrating to send them photos via real/snail mail.

My mother doesn’t really understand the computer or the internet.  She prefers landlines to cell phones and facebook  just baffles her.   She loves to send real mail.  I have lots of memories of her sitting in the kitchen writing letters every morning when I would come down to breakfast.

The mix of technology and the tried and true ways often leads to some humorous moments.

Text message for seejenntri blog post

Recently my sister phoned me and said that she had told Mom her electric was out and to use the cell phone.  She was irritated because when the electric did come back on there were 15  thirty seconds or longer voicemails on her landline from Mom.  In each message my Mother was getting more and more irritated that my sister had not returned her calls.

“I don’t know why she did that, I told her our electricity was out”

I was a little puzzled myself but finally figured it out.  My Mom may be 85 but she is still pretty sharp.  She can also be very literal in her thinking.

So this is what she heard ”  Susan’s electricity is out so I have to use the cell”  Great, I can do that!

The next time she  needed to call Susan she got my Dad’s cell and called Susan’s landline!  15 times!

Makes sense to me.

And this is why I should probably write my own sitcom!

I found this the other day and it had all the earmarks of a Bettyism!. Enjoy!

When Mom thinks you run the internet

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  1. So love it…
    I already frustrate my kids with technology…I only hope I can witness their children’s frustration with THEM!

  2. Good point! I KNOW my grandkids are already surpassing me in the technology area and the oldest just turned 8..I am in big trouble..but then so are their parents! Sweet!