Pippa Middleton plays with guns and Angelina Jolie gets engaged..I care because??

I am truly wondering why this stuff made the headlines on Good Morning America this morning.

The Pippa Middleton story about her and her French entourage of  handsome rich guys pointing guns at the paparazzi was the top focus.  Evidently pointing a gun, real or fake is a big no no in France.  The best thing from this story could have been the suggestion that perhaps that would be a good law here in the U.S.

That point was never mentioned.  It was more about how Pippa was embarrassing the royal family.

The second story of the day were all the tornadoes in the mid-west.  Peoples lives were devastated.  Five people lost their lives, three of them being children.

And still Pippa made the top story.

She outranked Angelina  and Brad’s engagement.  This got 3rd billing in the news ranking.  Really?  I can’t even express the magnitude of how much I DO NOT CARE about her and Brad.

Not one mention of the fifth anniversary of the VA Tech Tragedy.

I wonder if  GMA got confused and thought it was the E! Channel.

Pretty sad when a so called news show thinks two so called celebrities are more important than five people losing their lives or having a moment of silence or a nod of acknowledgement to the 31 lives lost at Virginia Tech.

I primarily watch the morning news for the weather and of course for any breaking news.  I think I can get this info elsewhere and get a better start to my day.

It’s past time for me to NOT be watching this garbage. Anybody else with me?

This is what I care about today!VT_BANNER

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