Please Write Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell, record or share.

I do mean EVERYONE

The truth is most of these stories are lost forever having never been told, recorded or passed down to the next generation.

I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to ask my parents a question to clarify a story of their life and started for the phone only to remember there is no direct line to heaven 🙁

Starting this week on my Facebook page ( and if I can figure it out on Instagram as well I will share my best tips for recording your story.

These tips will appear every Wednesday.  Quick little tidbits of writing wisdom that may help you get started.

Not a writer?  No desire to write or blog?  No problemo.

You get to do it however you want to do it.

I feel like Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “Let me count the ways”

Your stories can be put on paper, on your computer, on video or voice recorder.   Whatever works for you.

Here is my first tip or rather truthful realization.  Your family will probably not be interested ( right now) in reading what you wrote, blogged, journaled, taped or put on video.

If you ask most people who create you will find out that family are the last to read or watch.

Ouch.  Now if they do read, listen or watch then woohoo that is amazing, just don’t expect it.

I gave my very first blog post to my husband to read before I published it.  I forgot to tell him to read for content so he did some grammar and a quick spell check.  Oops.

He is now my most faithful reader 🙂

Last year I realized I had written over 150 blog posts and they represented a good overview of what was happening in my life over several years.

Despite the fact that I am good at backing things up there always loomed the possibility that one day it could all go “poof” and they would be gone probably right around the time my children and grandchildren might be interested in reading them.

So I decided to print them up and bind them in a book.  It proved more complicated than I thought.

Luckily I found a place called to do it for me. Without much effort on my part (and some money) I was able to get all of my blog posts printed into a book.

( I have no affiliation with PixxiBook other than I am so grateful to have my blog posts in one book)

There was also a place to put a dedication 🙂

So be on the look out for my “Tell Your Story Tips” on Writing Wednesday and get ready to write your story, it matters more than you know!

As always keep triing,


P.S. Look for my blog posts every Tuesday.  It may be 11:59 pm but one will show up 🙂


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