My purpose for this blog is to support and inspire others like me that have discovered the pleasure of being active in the late summer of their lives. I also love to write and connect with others so this gives me an opportunity to do both.

So whether you swim, or bike or run or bundle them together for a triathlon or support someone who does I hope you find as I have the fun and the joy of being active.

I also hope we can laugh and have fun together, share crazy, wild and wonderful ideas,celebrate our victories and help each other other up and laugh again when we hit those inevitable “potholes” that being an over 50 athlete brings.

My recent big “aha” is to remember my purpose in all activities, otherwise I lose the joy, the fun and the smiles!!

I KNOW you all have the “courage to start” and I plan to keep “tri’ing” to laugh and love my way to the finish line!

Here’s to us,