I only had one purpose for this blog when I started and I have had to remind myself of it over the years.

Keep Writing

  To be honest up until this year ( 2023)  I have been consistently inconsistent with my postings and then another writer who is way busier than I am inspired me to write weekly and except for one glitch I have kept it up and it has been so fun and fullfilling for me.

Writing is so cathartic for me.  It is a place to get all my thoughts and feelings on paper and sometimes I share those thoughts and feelings right here.

Even if you think you have no skills, or your handwriting is lousy or whatever million of reasons you can come up with I want to encourage you to write in a notebook or on a computer.  Actually I think the best way is with pen and paper.  There is actual science about the connection between the head, heart and hand as you write on paper.  That being said you can use whatever you are comfortable with and gets you writing.

So why See Jenn Tri and not See Jenn Write?

Well if I created this blog today it would be See Jenn Write.  I could change it but I do not possess the tech savvy required to do so.  I could pay someone but no because I like See Jenn Tri.  It came from my love of sprint triathlons and wanting to encourage everyone my age to stay active with something they love and have fun doing it.

In all honesty I haven’t done a triathlon in awhile.  I was going to start again in 2020 but the pandemic stopped all that.  Life got very complicated and very busy but I am hoping 2024 might be my come back year!

Fingers Crossed.

I did keep running and biking so there is that..swimming..well I just try not to drown. 🙂

I hope you enjoy what I post here and encourage you to do the things you love and above all

Keep Triing 🙂  It’s somethng we can all do!  Cheers!  Jennifer