Rain rain go away

Its the most wonderful time of the year or so the song goes.  And actually it is a great time of year and I am getting better and better each year at focusing on the real reason for the season.

Here in Virginia at this time of year ( actually all year round) the weather is fairly unpredictable.  Last year we had snow one week and 70 degrees the next.

It makes life interesting.

It can ( and has) wreaked  havoc on my training plan.

We have had nothing but cold rainy weather for what seems like forever and since I much prefer to run or bike outside my inner brat optimist wants to believe that each day it will clear up enough and just at the right time for me to get outside and run or bike.


So I have not been doing much except pulling the covers over my head each morning when I hear the pounding rain..you would think we live in Seattle.  Arghhhh

From past experience I know f I take too many days off  that when I DO get out there I will be having a close intimate realtionship with a king size bottle of motrin and the heating skin care pad.

I hate to admit it and or play the age card but those are the realities when you hit the half century mark !

Boy do I hate seeing that in print!

Since Plan A ( wishing for dry weather) isn’t working I had to come up with other workout choices.

Move to a more cooperative weather climate

Go to the gym Join a gym

Learn to run/bike in the rain

Use our  fairly new eliptical.

My first choice would be to move but I am still traumatized by our last move two years ago and still unpacking.

Last time I joined a gym my money made it there more times than I did.

Well I could learn to endure the elements but I think not.

So..with more rain predicted I made a plan to use the eliptical when the weather doesn’t cooperate and looking into bike trainers ( hey good birthday gift hint hint)

So very early this morning I headed downstairs and made good use of the eliptical.  Happy to be back on track.

Just in time to see clear skies and the sun shining and I swear I heard some snickering.

Keep “triing” everyday….even when the weather is “trying”  Jenneeyore_rain

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