See Jenn Tri to write and eat pancakes!

I love to write.  I love pancakes.  If I could write all day with a big stack of pancakes beside me I would be a happy camper.  I would be a HUGE happy camper but happy doing what I love and eating what I love.

But I don’t do it…often enough.   Truth is I eat more pancakes than I write.

I get why I don’t indulge in pancakes more often but the writing is something I love to do.  Just to do it.  That’s it.  Not to be published or write the best seller but because it  brings me joy.

Just writing that seems like I am confessing to a secret passion.  WHAT?  I don’t do it to get paid, for recognition or some huge goal?  Nope.  Just because.

Problem is I don’t indulge myself often enough.

It may be written at the top of my “to do” list but it often falls under the unwritten category of  “today, maybe if I get the time”

I think sleeping aids there are a lot of musicians, painters, gardeners, inventors, bakers and candlestick makers that are just like me.

Maybe you are one of them.  I had a dear friend who had an incredible story to tell of her life.  She was a wonderful writer.  Notice the past tense.  She left us yesterday and so did her story.  Never written.

That wasn’t her plan.  That is not anyones plan.

So today in honor of Gwen I made pancakes.  Homemade pancakes from scratch.  They were the BEST ( recipe is below) And I am writing.  Not just this but other writing that brings me joy.

My plan is to do it everyday.  Even if I only get 10 minutes to write.  I deserve it.  So do you.

The pancakes…well..they have to stay at twice a month. Just the anticipation of them makes me happy.
"Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /".Serge Bertasius Photography

Go do your own version of writing and eating pancakes.  Do it everyday !
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Keep Triing!


PS.  Here is the link to a delicious pancake recipe!

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  1. I am so sorry you lost your friend…especially with her story untold. I agree: write. Write every day. Each day it gets easier to give yourself the gift of time to write.

    Hugs to you today – Fawn