The Poinsettia Murders

Doesn’t that sound like a great title for a series of crime novels?

The setting could be a small town that specializes in growing Christmas greens and poinsettias.

That is as far as I got.  For one I don’t write crime novels.

The other thing  is I am the guilty party.  I am the unlikely murderer. My orange jumpsuit is waiting.

Every Christmas  I buy poinsettias.  I decorate my house with them and they look lovely until say early January which is right now..ugh

By then they look out of place and it is time for them to go.  I hesitate, I water them, I pick off their dead leaves.

I fantasize about keeping them alive until spring, replanting them and doing whatever it is someone does to get those things to bloom with the red or white leaves once Christmas rolls around again.

Then I come to my senses and tell myself they must go.  They had their time to shine and now they must move on so I put them outside in February.  I put them out in February hoping Mother Nature will kill them for me.

I just set them outside casually trying not to let on that this is the end of the line for them.  They always look pretty sunning themselves as they sit beside the garbage cans.

Mother Nature gets the last laugh as it always happens to be the one day the weather is mild and they flourish.


Feeling guilty I bring them back in and rethink what I will do with them.

They stare back at me and laugh knowing I can’t do it.  I know it too.  I have actually put them inside the trash can and retrieved them multiple times.

Finally I give up.  No I don’t keep them.  I contract it out.  I get Paul to do the dirty deed on trash day when I am not around aka creating an alibi for myself.

So technically I am just the accomplice in the Ponsettia murders.

This card arrived the other day. Beautiful right?

Nope not for me. This would do me in.  I would have to keep it alive or just move.

I almost got away with no poinsettias this year but my friend stopped by with two.  They are staring at me right now not knowing their fate.  Of course they look gorgeous so they can hang around for awhile…maybe.

I blame my Dad for all this.  He was the rescuer of almost dead plants.  He would go into the grocery store after the holidays and buy all the sad looking Christmas Cactus and by the following holiday those forlorned plants looked like they belonged in a florists window.

I did not inherit that talent.

In any case I hope you made it through the holiday with minimum stress, lots of laughs and of course good food.

Also I wonder if I could get a red and green jumpsuit with sparkles instead of orange…hmmm.

As always keep triing,


P.S.The technology gremlins are not behaving … but hopefully will be fixed soon.  Who knew one little < would mess everything up.  Calling my tech guru to fix it today.

In any case once it is fixed you too can get this right into to you inbox almost every Tuesday (a day earlier than everyone else …  :)!  Just fill out the very annoying pop up in this post!

All grammatical and spelling errors are my gift to you and may you have a magical day or several 🙂

I was recently published in the book ” So God Made a Mother” ( you can order it here) and I am working on a yet to be named novel.  My six grandchildren keep me young and my very organized hubby Paul tolerates my very unorganized yiddle ( middle and youngest) self.  Opposites do attract 🙂


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