The Rolls..we forgot the rolls!

I was working on a photo project and started looking for photos of the family cooking.  More specifically I was looking for photos of my Mom cooking.  As we prepared for Thanksgiving and looked for family recipes it suddenly occurred to me that this is the first Thanksgiving both my parents are gone.

The many memories of holidays gone by flooded my entire being.

The photos of past holidays rekindled some of those memories but what really struck me were the many photos I had of my mother in the kitchen.  She bustled around her kitchen managing to create a fabulous dinner with limited counter space.  The table was set, the tablecloth ironed.  It was all so beautiful and seemed effortless.

Even when we moved Thanksgiving to my house and then to my daughter’s house she could always be found in the kitchen and inevitably she was found whipping the potatoes or stirring the gravy.  Nobody made mashed potatoes or gravy like my Mom.

Mom….thanks for the memories

Always helping 🙂

The cooking gene passed by me and landed squarely with my children.  Seeing them create a meal effortlessly brings me back to their grandmother who did the same thing.

The one memory we all share is the forgotten rolls.  Always the last thing in the oven we were often already filling our plates at the urgency of my Mom (and Dad) to eat while it was all still hot.  We would pick up our plates that had been warmed up and get startled by my Mom suddenly standing up ( all 5 ft of her) exclaiming “the rolls, we forgot the rolls.”

Sometimes they would be fine, other times they were a little brown on the bottom. Okay maybe a really dark brown. 🙂  In any case a well done roll brings a smile to my face.

While Mom won’t be with us physically , I plan to stir the gravy and maybe I will even remember the rolls.

Grateful for the many memories.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Make lots of memories and take lots of candid photos…those are the best!



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