Three Words Gave the World Someone Special

I have always known that words matter.  Words are powerful and in a single moment can make you feel loved and special but words said in the heat of anger or despair can also destroy.

A word of encouragement from a parent, a teacher or a college professor can change the trajectory of a persons life.

Many years ago an aspiring writer attempted college.  She failed all her literary assignments and was rejected by the University Newspaper.  She had no money to continue her studies and was discouraged by her failures so she left college thinking she would never return.  She did continue to write and when she had the opportunity to return to college she did so and received the gift of a lifetime that consisted of three words from her English professor:


That woman went onto write a syndicated newspaper column, many books but more importantly enriched our lives with humor, and beautiful words that always lifted our spirits with funny insights into our everyday lives.

That woman was Erma Bombeck.  Three words from a trusted source. Three words of encouragement.  Words matter.

Just recently I was the recipient of some beautiful words that lifted my spirits and gave me a whole new perspective on a new adventure.

I will be forever grateful for those words and the person who said them.

I am touched by the generosity of her words and how the impact those beautiful words continue to inspire and lift me up.

Words matter.  Your words matter.  Our words matter.  Give the gift of inspiring words when the opportunity comes your way, even something simple can be words of change.

I like your smile.

That is a beautiful color on you.

I missed you.

You make me feel loved.

                                                                      Kind and encouraging words are the best gift ever!

May you be the giver and recipient of uplifting words today!

                                                                                                               🙂 Jennifer



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