Too much gravity at our house..everything ends up in the basement!

Does anyone else have this problem?  Every house we have owned seems to have too much gravity.  The house seems to find all the excess stuff we have lying around and pulls it  into the basement.  The “stuff” has no issues with infertility because it breeds overnight and at a rapid pace quickly filling any empty spaces.

I am declaring war on the gravity, the incessant “stuff” breeding and cranking up the number of garbage and recycling bins we own!

Grown kids stuff is on its way out.  Actual quote from my daughter when I loaded her van with 3 bins of HER stuff

( and there is more to come).

Julie:”I don’t want this stuff.”

Me:  “Well its yours and I am no longer in the storage business.”

Julie ( with a big sigh)  “I hope you are giving  Sarah ( her sister) just as many boxes of her crap as you are giving me!”

Good grief..does sibling rivalry never end?  Truth be told her sister took all her stuff ages ago.  I did keep her really breakable keepsakes because she has two very active boys that don’t mix well with breakables.

Next up, our son, Michael.  For some reason he has less stuff.  He is home on vacation from working overseas so I grabbed the opportunity to present him with his boxes to go through.  He wants to chuck it all.   Somehow I see myself just checking to make sure he is not throwing away anything valuable.  Arghhh

By the way if you are in the same space I am ( move it out and reclaim the basement) make sure you go through the pockets of pants and coats.  I am making a small fortune on forgotten money left in pockets.  Yeehaw!

Last on the list is the hubby.  This will be a true test to see if he ever allergy reads this blog.  His loves to say  ” don’t get rid of that, it may be valuable someday.”   I wish I had a  funny example but since he says it all the time my mind is a blank.  Think of your own funny example and paste it here ( oh and put it in the comment section, I could use a good laugh)

My teenage years as champion eye rolling queen come in handy when he pulls out the “valuable someday line.”

Here are a few rules when cleaning out “stored” items with the hubby.

  1. Don’t do it together.
  2. Moving and cleaning out basements often lead to thoughts of doing bodily harm to the other person.
  3. See rule #1
  4. Clean it out and donate it before he even sees it.  He will never know its missing.   ( okay..ya gotta play fair here)  No throwing out his favorite really ugly shirt or running shorts..he will miss those.  I am talking about real nice because paybacks are really ugly.
  5. Again, see rule #1

We have rule #1 for wall papering as well but since we don’t plan on ever doing that again I think we are safe.

I want to test the house for this excess gravity and get some sort of remediation done before the show “Hoarders” shows up.

It might be easier to confess that some of the stuff is mine and needs to go.

Julie just called..had a burning question about “House Hunters”  (spoiler alert)

Just so you know they ALWAYS pick the empty house because  it has already been bought before the filming started!

Her brother just arrived to visit and I asked:
There are more to come :)
” So did you get the boxes I sent?”

“What boxes?”

“The boxes of YOUR stuff”   ”

REALLY MOM?  REALLY?  ( audible eye rolling)  Teehee..there is more to come!

I would post photos of the mess but its way too embarrassing.

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  1. Susan Hudson says

    You need to add a rule to your list…..if you don’t want it don’t try to pass it on to your relatives. Don’t show up with your ” Nobody wants em” at your friend or relatives house. They have Goodwill donation centers all over the place…kindly drop them off there. And if you reuse boxes….remove the other labels, remember Mom and Dad calling me home to get my stuff that wasn’t mine? They reused the boxes but never took my name off of them, and they were full of all the stuff I had thrown out! Mom went thru it all and packed it back up, thinking she was going to take it out to Michigan to our brother….refer back to beginning of paragraph….

    Good luck with the clean out. I am doing the same. What size you wearing now? Just kidding….