Unobstructed Views from the Front Row of Life

We all have front rows seats each day to some of the most amazing things.

It may not seem like it at the time, and often our view is blocked by all the everyday things that keep us from being present.

These aren’t moments that go viral and may seem unimportant or so common that they go unnoticed.

Or do they?

You or someone else may notice but often it is not realized until someone speaks up.

As I write this a distant memory pops up.

I made a point of being home in the afternoon when my teenagers came home from school. I wasn’t always successful but I did it about 90% of the time.

One week I had several days in a row where the kids came home and I wasn’t there.  My oldest daughter silently noticed until I got back into my afternoon groove and almost as an aside she said:

” I like it when I come home and you are here”

If I am perfectly honest my main motive to be home was to keep an eye on them.  Toddlers and teenagers have a bad habit of getting into jams when left by themselves.

That’s not what my daughter saw from her front row seat.  She liked me being there.


Honestly I never thought they noticed.  They were teenagers. I was Mom.  I was uncool.  And yet they did notice.

My view of being home changed from one of supervision to one of just being present because it mattered.

You can bet I made an even greater effort to be home after that.

Six Words Changed My View

My Mom passed away a year ago and my grief has ebbed and flowed.  I should be comforted by the fact she lived a good long life but as grief blurs my thoughts those feelings of “I could have done better” always creep in.

What often saves me during those moments are the words my friend spoke to me after a lunch visit with my mother.

She had a front row seat with a clear view.

My view was obstructed by my caregiver role and making sure Mom had everything she needed at the restaurant.

My friend simply said “You are so patient with her”.

Six words

Six words that I hang onto that says to me :

  • I did my best
  • I was patient
  • I slowed down
  • I was in the moment
  • I was kind and loving

Honestly I probably had a million thoughts running through my head at the time like:

  • Is she warm enough? Did she understand what she was ordering?
  • Does she have her napkin?
  • Is her food too hot or not hot enough?
  • Does she like it?
  • Is she having fun?

That was my view.

Debbie’s view was a daughter helping her 93 yr old mother in a patient and kind way.

Someone may have to point them out to you but those special moments are always there, always waiting to be seen and remembered.

You might remember a tiny house with young kids when money was tight and life was stressful.  Their view was laughter, Friday nights watching scary movies with homemade popcorn and Dad making monster noises.  They felt loved and safe and the size of the house or lack of money never crossed their minds.

I hope you can take the time to enjoy your front row seat and if you forget and get caught up in the busyness of life I hope you have a friend that can point out what you can’t see.  Thanks Debbie. 🙂

As always keep triing, Jennifer

P.S.  A family photo from way back when when money was tight and the house was small but special memories were made.



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