Wait..you did what before a big family event?

Yes I am afraid it is so.  I am being forced to create a set of family rules or dare I say commandments for the do’s and don’ts before a big family event.

Okay it is mostly don’ts and it is mostly aimed at the males in our family but whatever.

For unexplainable reasons these guys decide it is a good idea to do these things on the worst day possible and what is more aggravating they get away with it.

Things You Will Not Do Before a Big Family Event:

Go running.  Seriously?   Let me count the ways this can go wrong.

Go running between the event and the party.  Again, what were you thinking?

Not eating after said run and then being hangry during ceremony ( graduation, wedding, funeral )

Forgetting to try on clothes, shoes, finding socks, underwear, tie.  And then of course trying to convince us that somebody “stole” it.    Ok even I laughed at that one.

Running on fumes and having to stop for gas.

Asking if you can wear shorts before EVERY SINGLE EVENT!

Asking if we have to take photos!  Do you even know me?

Trying to watch the game on your phone at the event..um NO.  Okay I threw that one in there for my friends who have had this happen.  I have been spared this one 🙂

Leaving and forgetting to take the people you brought to the party.  I think that is the worse one..the funniest but the worst. 🙂

I’m sure there are more so there will probably be a part two but this is a good start.

Good thing the culprits in my family are cute so it is hard to stay mad at them.  One of the above happened this past week-end and even our daughter said we need to make some rules.  So here ya go!

As always keep triing … I know I am!


P.S.  Look for my blog posts every Tuesday.  It may be 11:59 pm but one will show up 🙂

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