What’s my excuse…well let me tell you!

Can’t keep quiet about this and apparently lots of other people can’t either.  I wasn’t going to write about this especially today since I have a to-do list that would kill anyone and deadlines but I can’t keep quiet.

By now most of you have seen this photo:


Nothing wrong with the photo.  She has a rockin bod and three cute kids.  Great!

It’s the words.

Forget the old saying:

“Sticks and Stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me”

That’s the biggest load of donkey dung I ever heard.  I say that knowing  my primary love language is words of affirmation.  I love snail mail with handwritten notes and l love to write them.  So don’t ever tell me that words don’t matter.  They can fill your heart and devastate it as well.

People have accused this woman ( sorry no time to look up her name) of  “Mommy shaming”.  Yup although I doubt that was her intent. Still…mmmm.

Mommy guilt is the gift that keeps on giving.  One quick example:

On the radio yesterday was a female disc jockey talking about things Moms remember, how they mess up and giving words of encouragement to all Moms that we are doing the best we can.  You know what it brought to mind for me?

The time I TOTALLY forgot to send in treats to the pre-school for my son’s third birthday.  He came home wearing the birthday crown and my heart sank.

You know what is really bad about it?

He is 26 now and I  STILL feel bad about it.   ( not obsessing over it but I was surprised when that memory and those feelings came barreling back)

We don’t need to be reminded that it seems like every other Mom is super Mom and we don’t measure up.

As you all know I am all about fitness and eating healthy.   One of my favorite shows is “Extreme Weight diabetes Loss”  where one person is transformed in a year..yup takes a whole year.  And yes it’s TV and they have access to all kinds of resources.  BUT the weight and fitness issues are never just about over-eating and excuses.  There are traumas and limiting beliefs and issues that just keep them stuck not just excuses.

I have to admit I am not sure what other words she could have used that would have made it better.  Maybe she chose them to create a publicity storm much like Mylie Cyrus and twerking  although she claims she just wanted to inspire..really??

On Good Morning America, Sam Champion, the weather guy said he was inspired.

Not so fast buddy boy.  You can be inspired all you want but it is not the same for the Mom who:

  • longs for just one uninterrupted shower
  • got up with one child, went back to bed and then up with another..total time asleep= zero
  • spent the night in the hospital with a critically ill child
  • would like just one thing in her house not to be sticky
  • would like to use the bathroom without an audience

Taking care of small children is a work-out in itself.  That being said I also think Moms need some time to call their own and some may choose to work out..others may just want a nap.  Its all okay.  Being a Mom has seasons to it.  Find your rhythm.

The other dangerous part of this is the husband who looks at it, looks at his wife and says..well she can do it why can’t you?  Granted these guys are jerks or just not thinking but still.

If this chick wants to inspire other Moms then do it in a kinder, gentler way and put on more clothes. I’m all about cute work out wear but this stuff is just for show.

Yup I’m really cranky about this.  I am curious…does this photo inspire you?

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