Who knew George Jetson would predict the future?

Have you ever sat down in front of the T.V. wanting to watch something mindless?

Pretty easy task these days as summer approaches and favorite series are ending.  When the weather is good we all want to be outside so the mindless T.V. watching is saved for rainy days.

One very rainy afternoon we sat down with the sole intention of losing a few brain cells while viewing the T.V. as an escape from either cleaning or unpacking boxes we brought from storage.

After scrolling through and finding nothing of true interest or much too cerebral and involved for our state of mind Paul landed on the cartoon channel and specifically “The Jetsons”.

Now there is a blast from the past.  Suddenly we are six or seven years old, slurping down a bowl of sugary cereal eagerly watching all the cartoons we usually only saw for a few treasured hours every Saturday morning.  We were of the “Saturdays are for relaxing, watching cartoons, help Mom or Dad with the cleaning or yardwork because we had no where to go or be generation”

Mom and Dad wanted a few hours of extra sleep and we were content in our sugar high and cartoon marathon.  We had no dreams of being soccer superstars and gladly accepted our delightful fate of mindless drivel for few hours a week.

As the theme song came on ,which we both knew by heart, memories of the Flintstones, Bullwinkle and Rocky and Dudley Do Right flooded our beings.

Yes we knew ALL the words and then we laughed because there are exactly 11 words in the theme song.  Perfect.  Can’t remember where we put the car keys or why we came into a room but we have those 11 words down pat.

Here they are:

Meet George Jetson

His Boy Elroy

Daughter Judy

Jane His Wife

Now pretend you just didn’t sing it ( I know you did) because there might not be many words but it is a catchy tune.  Somehow they forgot Astro and Rosie the robot maid.

We had not seen this cartoon in years.  Yet imagine our surprise when we discovered that Hanna Barbera Studios who created and wrote ” The Jetsons” actually predicted the future.   The things we marveled at as a kid actually came true except for flying cars but I am sure those are coming.

We noticed they had:

  • Face Time
  • A watch similar to Apple Watches
  • Alexis ( in the form of Rosie)
  • Zoom
  • Big Screen TV’s

I’m sure there are more but those are the ones that stood out.

Now I am wondering if my sugar induced coma kept me from taking these ideas and actually making them come true.

Nah but gosh I am glad other people did 🙂  Out of all of those my hands down favorite is Face Time.  Well 90% of the time            except when the teenage grandkids catch me at not my best, take a screen shot and we all get a good laugh.

They always get my bad side along with the crazy hair day and startled expressions.  🙂

As Astro would say “Rut Ro”

I have learned how to answer sans video when I am not quite camera ready. 🙂

Thanks Jetsons for a trip down memory lane, a past look into the future and some entertainment on a rainy afternoon.

Have to run, my jet pack is calling.  See you in the skies.

As always, Keep Triing,


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All grammatical and spelling errors are my gift to you and may you have a magical day or several 🙂

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